Albion, nice and reasonably priced, and some warm heads

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  • I bought L and M Zoa rain trousers to try. I'm 1.86m, 81kg.
    L worked but only if I was wearing heavy normal trousers underneath, otherwise the waist simply doesn't close enough (I usually go for a 33" or 34" waist in jeans). Leg length was OK, perhaps a touch long.
    M was the best fit overall, fitting well enough over bibs and with enough room around the waist for heavy trousers underneath. A little less roomy in the leg than the L but I can live with it, seems to be plenty of room around the knee.

    The thing with the side velcro closure is that there is not much adjustment in it - the width of the strip where the velcro can oppose and fasten is quite narrow.

  • Thanks. Looking forward to trying them out.

    All the best for your recovery!

  • Anyone have their bib tights, just wondering how warm they are, also the padding.

    Are all their top half stuff tight across the back, well for me they are. Tried on a jacket at BeSpoked and seemed really tight in a size that fit me in the body

  • @ElGonzo I'd love to say yes (and see you!), but afraid we don't keep any stock at studio - this is all warehoused where the experts can take care of it

    @Sergeant_Pluck cheers for the feedback & thank you, normal service now resumed.

    @bur70n_ which jacket did you try, and I'm guessing mens style? The 'on-bike' jackets like Rain Jacket 3.0, Lightweight Insulated, are cut with shoulders/arms forward, so might feel tight across the shoulders if stood upright? I'd say fit is consistent with Rapha, and a typical male body type. Hello if we met at Bespoked!

    And thanks for all the feedback on the Zoa insulated - totally agree, it's got to be cold-cold to wear if you're putting a bit of effort in (but great to have stashed if stopping). I mentioned before xmas there's a lightweight version in development, click through to the Zoa hat draw vid for a sneak peak, ~60% of the weight/volume of the standard version.

  • 👀 custom Pertex Baby Burner

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  • No worries bud, sent back to the returns centre today 👍🏼. We'll catch up soon on a ride!

  • experts

    Very very much, next day delivery!

    Bit disappointed they didn't read my mind that forgot to order the patches after I'd read about them ^^^^.

  • I think it was the insulated jacket, Ok that might explain it but still felt strange, also i think the large was super tight too.

    Yes possibly, I tried on a few different ones, but wasn't sure. 2 people asked if I was ok but I think I was a little overwhelmed by the event and ended up not really taking anything in.

    Super interested in some bib tights with pockets but wondering how warm they are

  • Is this handsome man wearing the prototype zoa light in orange.­qHE1bzKUyHmDTNrHR_blRlbF2/view

  • Ha perfect! We already use our burner in the ergobaby carrier to protect against the chill. Fits very well

  • I have the 3 season pocket bibs. Very pleased with them - the pad and pad positioning is excellent for me. Warmth wise, I think Albion has it about right: good for all but the coldest of southern UK days.
    Sizing: I found them to be slightly smaller than I expected for their size, but not enough to warrant sizing up.

    Whereas the Rain Trousers - I think these need a size between M and L.

  • LFGSS discount code no longer a thing @Chopsicle? Can't seem to get it to work, but it was fine when I tried a few weeks back!

  • I have a recollection of it being turned off whilst there's a sale on previously?

  • I feared that might be the case

  • Just used the repair kit to patch a bit of crash damage on my Rapha classic softshell and tights. Worked a proper treat - thanks @Chopsicle!

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  • @Chopsicle any Zoa hat launch update 👀

  • Roll up roll up chops has slashed the prices of zoa’s in the sale .

  • Are the jackets cut differently between Men/Women? If so I assume the shape of the men's has slightly squarer, broader shoulders? My OH is struggling with tight shoulders on the Women's insulated jacket 3, and I'm just wondering if she should try a men's small instead...

  • Got an insulated Zoa jacket a couple of months ago and think it's brilliant.
    Now with £40 off, I'd buy another.

  • Splashed out a couple of weeks ago on the Zoa insulated and rain shell and they're the dream combo. Had a proper Belgian deluge today and the rain shell did the business no problems. Frankly this was the kind of rain I'd always have let blow over before, proper slashing it down, but gave it a go and was impressed. Big thanks @Chopsicle

  • Ffs, as if we needed more wardrobe overlap. I bet you look better in it and all.

  • Aw, babe don't be like that!
    I'm sure that's not the case.
    What colour do you have?
    I went for the Auntie's-Favourite blueish hue

  • Ordered a zoa insulated, fingers crossed the weather stays sub zero long enough for me to feel smug about it. Like the sound of the lightweight version but it doesn't appear to have a hood.

  • today was actually the first day I thought I could have ridden in. With a base layer and jersey was more than warm enough with just the normal insulated 3.0 jacket though.

  • I went for "cool guy black" obviously.

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced, and some warm heads

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