Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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  • Ha I took almost the same picture I think!

  • Amey, amazing spot (as a lunch spot too), I’m starting to think you have an omnipotent presence online and IRL. The Matrix but with cargo bikes. Have started following Hullabaloo, thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks for this, will watch later. I’m quite envious of him spending the spring/summer riding around the UK coastline over many months. Sorry, I mean inspired!

  • haha! Its a great place isnt it? like a 'dive bar' equivalent for curry.

  • That’s a racy old pad in the bibs. It’s about two inches narrower than I’m used to with Rapha classics.

  • Albion daytripping t-shirt in the Shakespeare N16. Who is that?

  • could be half of the forum tbf

  • 😂

    Watching fa cup final

  • .

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  • who took this pic?

  • My wife under some duress it must be said

  • Parking National Treasure Timmy Mallet for a second; I just got one of those insulated at the front jackets. Obviously for cooler seasons, but it seems pretty decent and conceals the gut

  • New kit looks great... love the new bibs with extra pockets but would love to see some technical gear that's not skin tight... for me you don't need aero gains on a gravel bike.

  • How do you feel it compares in terms of comfort?

  • I think the problem is I've been wearing Classic V1 and now V2 pretty much exclusively since they first came out so I'm always comparing to them specifically and they have always been perfect for me anything up to 8-10 hours on the bike.

    It's clearly a high quality pad but it's not the Rapha one and I am always conscious that its not after about two hours.

  • I'm the opposite - went from rapha bibs to albion and it's night and day - the rapha padding feels like a nappy now, albion is slimmer but much more comfortable on long efforts for me..

  • I think that's 100% fair, I like being able to plonk my arse approximately on the saddle but these feel like I have to be sat 'just so' to get the pad and saddle lined up. I am an XXL so likely the effect is worse for my fat arse

  • Ah well that makes sense, I am bordering neurotic on the 'just so'-ness of arse placement

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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