Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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  • Albion Winter Socks review is on, there’s 38 comments already so bring popcorn 🍿

  • amey | 69420 posts | 4 hours ago
    I already know I'm not cool or hip, but the Albion 'signature logo' looking like a stray pulled thread would drive me bonkers!

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  • Nice stuff but unless it is club (discounted) kit I'm very much the Endura/Altura price range. I firmly believe that you get what you pay for though and I think the success of the Castelli Gabba is testament to that.

  • oh yeah, I think it's covered in this podcast, where the founders explain how naming + football club titles work, 22m;­-week/staying-outside-with-the-founders-­of-albion-cycling

  • "in future, we want to develop albion so that the brand touches every moment of your day - from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you go to bed, albion should be able to provide you clothing."

    albion pyjamas confirmed

  • Thanks for the feedback (also thanks to @pacef8 and @gdkhgd ). I just hit the order button!

  • I learned from the mistakes working on the Rapha PJ's so we'll start with ....friendship bracelets? Lance did pretty well in the trinket accessories market!

  • got the zoa and tried out yesterday for the first time while running some errands. in 15ÂşF with just a t-shirt on underneath, it was more than warm enough, but not stifling like down. very impressed!

  • Did the PJs not make it to market? I suppose the mtb range would do the job.

  • Sadly my Endura Pro primaloft gilet was stolen yesterday (or more likely, removed by someone thinking it was litter) so I'm on the lookout for a replacement.

    Really keen to give Albion a go, the Insulated Gilet appears quite similar to what I had but the Ultralight Insulated Jacket looks pretty epic. Primary concerns are I have really long arms and if the jacket is a bit too lightweight/delicate for commuting regularly with a heavy rucksack. Thoughts?

  • I wouldnt wear my zoa insulated with a backpack . It would compress the cloe!

  • Not what you are asking but the insulated gilet is great. Feels really well made - I wouldn't have concerns using it with a rucksack, but I guess that would wear out any item faster than not having one on.

  • Yep, agreed. The gilet doesn’t appear to be particularly fragile - no more so than any other cycling top.

  • Ultralight Insulated Jacket looks pretty epic

    I really like it. I don't know that I'd wear it with a heavy backpack as I don't know how the material would wear. It doesn't feel fragile but ultra-lightweight and heavy straps rubbing don't seem like they'd be compatible in the long term.

  • What temperature are people wearing the ultralight insulated jacket down to and for what types of riding (training, endurance, etc.)?

    Bit torn between that and the regular insulated jacket or gilet, but it seems the ultralight would suit more (including packability)!

    Also, I’ve looked about sizing above, and seems same or similar to Rapha Pro Team. Is that about right?

  • I wore my ultralight yesterday whilst descending in 2Âş during some reps of the Cat & Fiddle in the Peak District and was warm with a thick jersey & ls baselayer underneath. I kind of see myself using it more like a better version of a packable windproof jacket with the others being more suited to longer rides in less changeable weather, gilet for '3 season' / cold autumnal and the jacket for deep winter.
    There's obviously some overlap and it'll be dependant on layering but it's the only packable one out of the 3 so is the most flexible - unless you also get the ultralight bag!

  • Thanks for the input. As I could’ve predicted, I dallied too long and the sale ended…

  • some reps of the Cat & Fiddle

    Where do you get your unlimited supply of energy from?

  • Energy levels were fading fast during your track session last night!!
    Was enjoying the moss green in the lanes during todays 130km ride though :)
    Siberian pine kit when?

  • 130km ride

    I didn't work you hard enough!

  • Can confirm that the musette is the perfect size for fitting a 1kg tin of PerellĂł olives.

  • Any news on cargo bibs @Chopsicle?

    Wanting some to start using from Spring and would rather get Albion than another brand.

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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