Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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  • Maybe just send them a message and they can sort you out direct, saves both them and yourself hassle and cost.

    Think I would have saved a further £23 but I appreciate the forum discount at least. I just didn’t think rain jackets would go on sale in January!!

  • When this happened with a nice but a bit pricey retailer I rang them to explain and they gave me a credit note for the difference.

  • Does the forum code still work?

  • Yep - I’ll drop them an email. Id get a short sleeve jersey at sale plus discount prices, so see if there’s a deal to be had.

    It’s made me realise how old and worn my kit is - mostly > 8 years (when my kid was born!)

  • It’s made me realise how old and worn my kit is - mostly > 8 years (when my kid was born!)

    Ditto, my experience was from about 9yrs ago now, the jacket is still getting used as are the jersey & base layer I bought with the credit note.

  • Odd. I get "Enter a valid discount code or gift card" when I try it in the checkout.

  • Ah, looks like they’ve disabled it on the sale items, which is fair enough. It was yesterday.

  • Yeah, I had the same experience - figured the sale price was good enough, grabbed a long sleeve jersey.

  • Has the LFGSS10 expired? Just about to pick up the ultralight jacket and it ain't working?

  • hi all, sorry for delay and missed enquiries, back online after a New Year break ....yes, the LFGSS code (LFGSS10) should now be working on non-sale products only (ie Zoa), and everything else in sale is priced as-is. Let me know if something isn't working and I'll look into it

    Sorry for those who purchased and then sale opened, absolutely didn't mean this to happen. I did give a heads up for the approaching Jan sale, just didn't have any more details than I passed on. In the name of not wasting resources, instead of sending an order back/re-ordering, please get in touch with customer services and can figure stuff out from there.

  • Plus the substraction of the VAT when ordering from the eu does not seem to work at all.

    I can see the hustle with customs already now.

    yes, please get in touch with customer service and they will be able to help.

    Out of interest, was the change of mind over the charges and potential faff? Totally sympathise if so, both on personal and professional levels (some of my own-made products ran into the sunlit upland paperwork and cost), but we're working on something at Albion to overcome this.

  • It will be interesting to see the collaborations with josh ibbett.

  • Hi all, size wise is Albion similar to Rapha for jerseys / Gilets?

  • Yes, I’d say so. 6ft / 72kg / 38” chest and I’m a well-fitted medium. Could go for large if I wanted something a bit more flappy

  • Yeah, but more pro-team sizing!

  • Apologises if I missed this, but does anyone (e.g. @Chopsicle ) know how much insulation is in the zoa insulated? Or alternatively, what sort of temperature range is it comfortable in?

  • How cold do you need it to go? I've only done some small chill rides around 5/6 degrees, but it was toasty. Also done some windy beach walks in the drizzle about 3/4 degrees and was also toasty. If you were thinking of doing a tempo 8/9 degrees in it you might die instantly of overheating.

    I will say that I absolutely fucking love it.

  • Thanks! I was thinking of something for around 2-10 degree walks/generally being outside and somewhere around freezing bike rides (that i could layer under when the really cold Oslo winter weather bites).

  • I reckon you'll love it and it will get plenty of use in Oslo

  • I have one , its not a massive chunky rab type puffa , lots of technical stuff . Hand pocket zips are quite small but the wrist baffles are a great idea. Just put a extra layer underneath if its near zero.

  • I stopped by Condor yesterday and fell in love with the Zoa. I'd liked the look of it before and thought it would be a good bike-specific upgrade to a Patagonia nano hoodie I've had for six years now (which I've been really pleased with but the Zoa would be much warmer). I tried the medium insulated jacket and the small rainshell and they were both great but I really want to try the small insulated before deciding.

    Condor didn't have any and I'm heading back to Belgium tomorrow so sadly don't think I'll be able to try until I'm next over, whenever that is. Just seen the forum discount which has settled me even more. Hopefully I can try a small and get either that or medium in orange next time I'm over (probs a few months). Not sure if the discount will still be on...

  • Ventured out in my orange zoa for a few hours this morning. Temp was between 1 and 5 and with a base layer and merino mid i was suitable warm . No cold chill start which was bliss and unzipping a little on the climbs . I was expecting it to be really clammy inside after but it was fine . Shoulders and pits where a bit damp but i am really impressed . What would i add maybe a fleece collar and pit zips but that is about it . Its near perfect for cold riding with mudguards.

  • And likewise with the insulated gilet (over an Albion long sleeve top and an icebreaker merino base). Probably 2-3 degrees and just right - minimal sweatiness and no cold.

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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