Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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  • Wish their was for the zoa

  • Occasionally you buy something and think yes, that’s worth every penny

    And there is a 10% off voucher atm

  • I was very good this year and got a zoa insulated jacket from Santa. First impressions are extremely positive, such a good fit and seemingly incredibly well made. It's only been subjected to a dog walk so far but looking forward to getting out on it on the bike. I can see myself just living in it every winter.

  • Can not see where that 10% is hidden ?

  • Interested in the 10% if it’s forum-public knowledge!

    Going for the insulated gilet and maybe a long sleeved top, only put off by the chunky prices (“reasonable” is in the wallet of the beholder…)

  • I think @Chopsicle was working on a forum code :)

  • sorry - as ever - for the delay ...thanks for the prompt!

    I did message/asked on mods if there was a way to setup affiliate links or similar, so members clickthrough for discount + a £% to LFGSS. Affiliate links have bee disabled for a while, so if anyone can suggest anything else, I'd be grateful. I'd like a way to ensure it's LFGSS'ers and out of reach of spiders/bots collating for wonky discount sites, plus a way to give back to running costs.

    Forummers who unmasked themselves at the popup got 10%, so here's a checkout discount code for the same until I can sort something else out; LFGSS10

    There will be some discounts in Jan, afraid I haven't got visibility on what, apart from it won't include those lovely new Zoa jackets.

  • Had been dithering on the insulated zoa for a while. Appreciate the code as that's sealed the deal. Excited to try it out in a no doubt unseasonably warm January.

  • And same - 10% was enough for me to pull the trigger. And also gives me the mental buffer for when I need to exchange the medium sized items (which I’ve worn for ever) for the large…

  • Spot the lfgss track side , they will be in Albion Zoa insulated jackets.

  • Burner was a lifesaver the other day. Headed in to the peaks for a 4hr hilly ride. Cold start with temperatures set to rise during the ride up to 6 or 7º in Bakewell. Went up in to the hills but the clouds descended and temps felt like they never moved. Burner kept me going.

    Ordered some more insulation on that Boxing day evening and it arrived today. Great service, thanks for the forum code.

    Do you know if the deep winter tights will be coming back anytime soon?

  • Would of worn mine today but covid has shut the post office !

  • Long sleeved top, insulated gilet and a wooly hat turned up yesterday. I did 90 mins of RP in the top - well made, well cut (I can just squeeze into a medium still....). The material is thinner than normal roubaix fabric, but maybe a bit more windproof; anyway its nice.

    Didnt realise the gilet was insulated front and back though, so may be a bit much but for the absolute most freezing days when im unlikely to cycle anyway. Will have a think whether that stays or goes.

    Hat is really nice, but the 8-year old has already stolen it. Maybe I'll get my £4 decathlon one back in return...

  • repping this morning

    (blurring has been applied to protect the viewers of this photo - also because I look like I’ve been pumped full of mashed potato)

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    Nice little Albion story in the link above.

  • Great. Accidentally placed an order yesterday and immediately followed it up with a mail asking for a cancellation.

    No reply at all.
    Order shipped.

    Plus the substraction of the VAT when ordering from the eu does not seem to work at all.

    I can see the hustle with customs already now.

  • It was a public holiday in the UK yesterday, so I very much doubt anyone tasked with customer service activities was working.

  • Bought myself a rain jacket last week, it’s v nice. Thanks @Chopsicle for the discount, nice touch.

    It is now on sale too. Classic that I missed that.

  • That’s always very frustrating. I still have the gilet unused. Tempted to send it back for £5, refund £140 and then purchase again at £105 or whatever it’s at now

  • Didn’t know that.

  • love John Rogers' videos!

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced

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