Albion, nice and reasonably priced, and some warm heads

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  • Prototype waterproof gilet on test with Josh Ibbett at the mo?­?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

  • Good spot! It’s a waterproof jersey from a few years back. Really like the neon sleeves on it, v strong identity for visibility;­mhain-2/

  • i do enjoy a waterproof jersey, though they are a bit niche for brands to put into production IME. optimistically looking forward to a gothic v3

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  • Quick question on repair patches - would they work OK on neoprene or should I be looking at a wetsuit repair patch for a pair of overshoes?

  • Nice - missed that when it first came out. Definitely agree on visibility. Far too many cyclists dress like ninjas

  • Yes, should be fine on neoprene. A quick check says it has the same melt point as nylon but I'd be safe a check the iron temp on a small bit first,

    With the stretch and battering overshoes get, and depending how big the hole is, it might be worth placing one on the interior too to help stabilise the area and increase durability.

  • Great stuff, thanks a lot.

  • What's the size like on the Albion regular cycle cap? I seem to remember someone on here saying they were not a tight fit?
    I have 59cm circumference head/ size large in bike helmets but fairly ovoid. All regular cycle caps are too tight and give me a headache, I alway botch cutting the elastic. Hoping the Albion might be a good fit.

  • They're a pretty standard fit. I've got a pretty medium head and they fit well. I've got a battered one with a broken peak you can have to try out if you like?

  • I've got a 58cm head and found mine a bit tight

  • Everything looking good for launch next week of the new Zoa Lightweight Jacket (M & F). Currently being photographed in Black Mountains, will post pics and info as soon as I can.

  • Just been drilling back through the thread looking for the launch date . Have the tiny hands pockets been adjusted.

  • Exciting! Where does the green Zoa fit on the scale of "Botanical" to "Moss" ?

  • @pacef8 good point, yes, below are on a medium Lightweight, and were made bigger on the current Zoa Insulated

    @exteroceptive it’s a really nice dark olive - in pic below - and is quite metameric (as most olives) so changes a lot depending on light sources. There’s a dark steel/blue too

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  • Stamps licked for the 30th still ?

  • Does this replace the ultralight jacket?

  • No no, Ultralight still very alive and kicking, love it. Ultralight is ~100g, and cut more on-bike specific. This new one comes from the Zoa Insulated Jacket direction, lighter fabric/insulation, no hood, good for both riding & offbike - i put the weight a few pages back, but off the top of my head think it’s ~270g.

    @pacef8 looking good - I’ll get an update with retailers that will have them available, for those that are Zoa-curious.

    edit; Condor and Archive Works (SE) will have in stock this week.

  • I'm sorted now, managed to buy an orange current model second hand, thanks for the offer!

  • Great, everytime I've been in a position to buy one they are out of stock.

    Also in need of a lightweight gilet. Anything coming?

  • @Bossman, your cosmic ordering is most powerful. Ultralight Insulated Jacket arrival is imminent. Same burnt yellow and forest green colours, with a mini-modification tweaks to design, think they will be online next week.

    Mens and Womens Wind Gilets in development, but for AW23 I'm afraid. Will have two (light) cargo pockets on rear, which will divide people like double zippers.

  • Here is my kit review. I wore most of this stuff over the last 6/8 months and through some hot ass days and some truly fucking freezing disgusting wet miserable days (which I obviously loved).

    Lightweight musette
    Effectively weightless, and packs down so small that it doesn’t exclude me from putting whatever else I want in that jersey pocket. It has been perfect for throwing hat, gloves, device, extra layer(s), food in one bag and dashing to a train and then sorting all my shit out once I have a moment. Also great for overloading at food stops and disappears when the food’s gone. I just need to tie a knot in the chest strap to get the tension right.

    Turn your normal / average jersey into a £190 hi tech insulated thingy with this. Goes back in the pocket in 5 seconds. Any threat of cool/coldness and it goes with me as there is no weight or space penalty to taking it along. The genius is the idea and the execution as the material is mad light and surprising but not overwhelming warmth. As essential as an accessory gets imo.

    LS and SS Jerseys
    The second softest jerseys I have - I have this Rapha USA CX champs jersey that is super thin but also magically fleecy - but the Albion jerseys are more comfortable and works in a larger range of temps. The LS sleeves have 2/3 extra inches of materials, but I turn them up and it feels the same as other jerseys where the sleeves stop at my wrists. Best thing I can say is that it disappears on my when I ride, I totally forget about it. SS jersey is thinner, feels like it’s a spring / summer lightweight jersey but has worked in a lot of different temps. Also mad comfy. I’ve seen riders with lots of different body types wearing it and fits them well (with obviously good reviews from them). I am going to raise but not delve into what kind of body types companies select when they market their stuff as it's thorny and complex. All I'll say is that the jerseys fit a wide range of bodytypes than models on the website.

    Only weird thing is a I have a forest green one which is like chefs kiss and then a sky blue one which fits more like an XS and it’s like I have to scratch my shoulderblades to get into the pocket (same sizes). It was bought from the archive so I don’t know if they’ve updated the sizing.

    Insulated gilet
    This has somehow dethroned the hallowed old style Rapha PTJ burnt orange jacket. Rip in peace. With a baselayer(s) (or not) underneath with a LS jersey it’s been warmer and more flexible through warmer days and sub zero temps. I put it down to serious front and back insulation, thin sides, and two way zip. Any longer climb and generally the zip goes up so I’m less sweaty at the top, and stay drier and so cool down less ie it let’s me regulate my temp better than any full jacket. It’s worked very for me from 12 down to -3.

    LS Insulated Jacket
    This thing is fucking warm, like really fucking warm. It’s the same as the insulated gilet but with insulated shoulders down to about the elbows. I’ve had a few rides in it but unless it’s below 4 I would get too warm with just a SS jersey underneath. Don’t know if it’s my “higher tempo” rides but insulated gilet / LS jersey betters it. Fit is great but struggled to make it work in light of the previous combo.

    Zoa Insulated Jacket
    It so soft and comfy and the fit is spot on and I know it’s called a jacket but I have to respect the insulation like it’s a coat. Jacket, coat, what’s the difference? I dunno but when I’ve worn this on the bike and cycled more than 7 mph in the winter I got so hot I got angry, like ‘what the fuck who is doing this to me’ type angry hot. I'd say it's mostly for off the bike or pootles or when it’s like studded ice tyres cold. It’s poofy but fitted, the chest pocket is mad handy, I just have nothing bad to say about it and I’m almost always the right temp. It's basically the most comfortable, warmest, nicest jacket but that require Coat Respect. Dries out quickly after the rain. I live in SE England so the temps and weather I experience are in line with the georaphy. I lived in it in over the last two winters.

    Youramericanlover has been a low-tier chopper posting on LFGSS since 2011. He divides his time between his family, talking about riding fixed, and riding fixed (70/20/10).

  • Thanks for this, i had heard from a friend that the jerseys come up very small so sizing up is needed, is that your experience? Quite interested in a LS jersey.

    Agreed about the burner and musette, such great items. My burner is almost always with me.

  • I don't know what to say about sizing up. Clothing sizes are guides, not definitions - another reason women's clothes are a minefield with 'I am a size 8 in this shop but a 12 at H&M' etc etc and it's very easy to fall into a body image trap. Anyway the LS jersey is lovely and the sleeves are long but not a barrier to fitting really well I think.

  • Youramericanlover has been low-tier chopper who has been posting on LFGSS since 2011. He divides his time between his family, talking about riding fixed, and riding fixed (70/20/10).

    Would rep.

    I use the burner pretty much all this winter and last winter.
    As I 'run cold' it is only removed over 12 degrees C.

    I think I have 3, but am sure I bought one as a present for someone.

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Albion, nice and reasonably priced, and some warm heads

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