• Yes, this is not really the best time to do this given the ongoing bike part shortage, but here we are. My brother is abroad for work for the next month and has tasked me with building a gravel bike that will beat the wait times on ordering a new Kepler... Let's see if it works out like that...

    He is very set on a Kepler but could probably be persuaded by shorter wait times to go with something used but similar, which means steel, discs, wider tires. Basically trying to build a gravel bike similar spec to the base model Kepler but hopefully in a shorter time...

    I know this is probably a long shot but would love to be able to do this for him so I am not the only one in the family nerd-ily obsessed with riding bikes, we both used to ride vintage road bikes around with each other, so in some way this will help working towards doing that again! *pulls on heart strings*

    Frame and fork to full build.

    I'm in London so can collect from these parts or near, if not postage is definitely fine too.

    Cheers all.

  • Shame he is not taller, have a 60cm frameset forsale.

  • ah that is a shame! he is the giant in a family of dwarves as well.

  • @Cracked_Seattube has/had a 56cm Surly straggler for sale.

  • @farewell indeed I do, no cracked seat tubes on this bikeā€¦ DM for photos, still up for grabs

  • sorted cheers @Cracked_Seattube


SORTED - WTD: Brother Kepler 56cm (or similar) F+F -> full build

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