Attempted bike theft @Mile End

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  • Hi all,

    Friend came to visit and someone attempted to steal her bike.
    Luckily we caught them in the act and stopped it but the lock was severely damaged and is now impossible to unlock?

    Does anyone have an angle grinder or anything alike (and is ofc willing to give us a hand)?

    Thankkk you!

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  • Is that frame dented too? Looks like they tried to twist the frame itself.
    Good luck... unfortunately I'm miles away.

  • No, they dented it by means of twisting the lock.

    (Light frame – C or Al, denting easily)

  • Wow, interesting that they tried to bend it. Obviously didn’t work which is good. If you can’t get it free now, make sure you stick another lock on until you can, just in case the thief comes back for another go.

    Looks like an expensive canyon commuter.

  • That’s…an impressive amount of twisting forces.
    Can you not just unlock it and unspool the lock ends.

  • @chak – no – the lock is too f##ked to be opened. We’re trying to get someone with means of cutting now so she can actually leave. :(

  • Damn. Did you find a solution in the end?

  • Friend came with a battery circular saw and we set the bike free. :)

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  • With those kind of locks, you can't leave space within the lock or they are vulnerable to this kind of attack. Wrap it around a wheel or another tube to fill up the gap!

  • Excellent news

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Attempted bike theft @Mile End

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