FS: Fondriest road bike for sale

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  • Fondriest aluminium frame
    48x49cm c-c
    Kinesis aluminium fork
    shimano dura-ace BB,cranks,shifters,brake callipers
    Shimano ultrgra mechs
    San Marco aspide manganese
    Fabric bar tape
    8.2 kg

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  • Needs a price.

  • Can't open the photos as they are the iPhone format. And I think I have seen this on Facebook Marketplace already.

  • I’m looking for £500

  • Maybe check out forum classifieds rules ...

    If you wana sell it here, you can't post it on ebay/gumtree/FB.

    Such lazy posting, joining just to flog something, at least make your photos jpeg, it's not that hard, Google is easy.

  • This week's crap post.

  • This week's crap comment

  • Thank you. I intersperse my crap commentary with some pretty good - sometimes free - deals on bikes, frames or parts, exclusively for the members of this forum because I like it. I even provide information and accessible photos to allow people to assess whether it might be for them.

  • I think whoever bought your Enigma recently would testify to that. Probably forum bargain of the week.

  • he does indeed, as my free Pearson Touche frame will testify

  • Nah it's not a crap comment, they're 100% correct, this is a community first, not just another place online you come to dump/ flog your stuff in. And while you're under no obligation to be part of the community, at least make your sale post a high quality one by at least having good, easily accessible pictures and following forum rules.

    Those things even benefit you ffs

  • 100% this is the way

  • Whilst I generally refrain from commenting on this site, as the contented purchaser of the aforementioned Enigma I am happy to endorse the comments of Mr Rastapopoulos above.

  • Wholeheartedly concur.

  • How to set your iPhone to stop taking HEIC photos
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    Go to Settings.
    Tap Camera > Formats.
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  • Thanks for the advice, man

  • Not sure what all the hate is about directed towards OP... he clearly is new to the forum and made a mistake - don't be such a dick, guys.

    Sick bike for the price... full Dura Ace besides the rear derailleur Ultegra, DT swiss hubs, brand new rims... Whoever grabs this for 500 is getting a wicked deal


  • i disagree about price. the two dura ace parts are nice granted but if it was ultegra same gen, he woud be lucky to sell for 250£

  • 2 dura ace parts?
    “ shimano dura-ace BB,cranks,shifters,brake callipers” pretty sure you can get close to 250 for those parts alone

  • possibly, if you were looking to buy a single part to finish a build, each part might add up to 250£. but in the case of a full build which mismatched parts, it doesn't always work like that, or it would be sold already... and to be clear i am only reacting to your "wicked deal" comment, which sounded a bit overzealous. happy to be proven wrong

  • Ok,if it was with all dura-ace bits on it the price will be more than £500
    and bearings running smooth

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  • Bump for a cool bike!

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FS: Fondriest road bike for sale

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