• Shift pedal decided to shear off at the weekend. While I'd prefer to repair, parts are impossible to find.
    Don't need caliper or hose.

  • I’ve got one of these going spare. It’s been sitting in a parts bin for a couple of years. Any good to you?

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  • you have PM

  • Have fun pulling them apart, I swapped the guts over from rival to force after I stripped the plastic thread fitting a hose, managed to pick up a cheap pair of 1x rival so added the force shifting and composite levers to them.
    It’s a real fiddle and things will shoot across the room no matter how careful you are, circlips are difficult to find in long pile rugs...

  • Also looking for a right hand if anyone has another

  • I fixed a customers red ones 6 months ago and I’m in no rush to do it again.


WTD: Sram Rival 22 HRD right shifter, broken or working

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