• run out wielding that

    Don’t run with scisso… err, motorised industrial cutting tools, kids.

  • I don't disagree with this actually. Ramming someone off their bike causing injury and threatening them with a machete must carry some pretty serious charges. The risk vs reward ratio is all wrong - there's a reason organised crime gangs have moved into fly tipping (risk of a few fines is pretty low risk vs the profit potential). If the idiots are going to risk some very hefty criminal charges then they might as well go all in and steal things of higher resale value.

  • If they were that clever they could have gone into cyber, make big £ and chat on online forums all day.

  • The resemblance is uncanny.

  • phones are probably easier to trace and harder to sell than a bike


  • I'm sure all the Range Rover driving Richmond Park types buy all their Pinarellos off 16 year old kids from an estate carpark...

  • Can we have more creative ways to fend off thieves

    Pick up bike, spin around rapidly, clattering it into them, screaming "weeeee I'm a spinning top! Weeeeeee"

  • Winning. :)

  • I'd just take off the shoes and waterproof socks I wore for a week in Scotland. I know it might violate UN Chemical Warfare laws but I'm sure I could swing some kind of self defense argument.

  • Maybe this is their response to the most recent Bitcoin crash...

  • Anyone any idea how much they get for an £8k bike

    700 - 2k at a guess. Based on seeing obviously stolen bikes for sale in dodgy markets.

  • https://youtu.be/aLhWzMOccTg

    Could also come in handy for those Mario kart style CX starts

  • Aren’t a bunch of them parted out as well? Much harder to trace, and more money overall. Also means they still get £ even if driving into the frame breaks it.

  • Superglue Insulate Britain supporters to your frame; thus forming a ring of defence that's impenetrable to any motor vechist, that will keep you safe from any form of attack.

    Also providing an extra lay of insulation as the day get colder. WIN!WIN!

  • Ride a shit bike. No one will steal it, saves a load of money, more fun to drop the dudes on full UCI setups.

  • Concur. I got into a hairy situation once when riding a friend's ti road bike (can't actually remember the builder now). Surrounded by a group of four of five boys who started asking me if my bike was a specialized or a cannondale. The fact it was a nich to framebuilder that they hadn't heard of put them off the fact it was worth 5x the value of the bike they were hoping for.

  • I see hoops doing a run of carerre/apollo paint schemes over topstone and dogma.

  • Ride a shit bike. No one will steal it

    It'll be safer. But I've had proper shitters stolen before. Might avoid aggressive robberies like these though.

  • Insulation tape, missing bar ends and a couple of strategically positioned spiders/webs should do the job

  • Why has nobody mentioned anti theft paste™️ yet? I am disappoint

  • Anti climb paint on saddles?

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Attacks and bike thefts on cyclists in richmond park! please share on other pages

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