• You can sell the arm too.

    you'd need the leg as well, Shirley?

  • Surely it’s situational to some extent - if you live on an estate in Roehampton or Putney you might not be rubbing shoulders with Rolex wearing city boys on a daily basis - however every Saturday and Sunday you watch a stream of them ride past on 4K + bikes so it seems like an easy mark, local so they know the area / escape routes, have a lock up / flat they can chuck the bikes in etc. Threat of stabbing is going to be enough for most lone males to not put up a fight.

    Also pretty easy visually even from a distance to pick out high value bikes - deep carbon wheels, disc brakes, branded frame

  • I've heard bike thieves scoping out targets and deciding which brand name they know best. Cannondale, Specialized etc will always be more of a target than smaller brands. Spotting a Rolex on the street must be hard, I think you'd have to wait outside a private members club or something to guarantee finding one.

  • I wonder what 'tactical contact' is a euph for

    What @psg1ben said

    Whoever's got the Met's body shop contract must love it.

  • if you think posh bikes are actually worth stealing and you're willing to throw a machete around in broad daylight for them, then go a fucking empty one of those boutique bike shops!

    I don't think you're being entirely serious but bike shops have CCTV, alarm systems, staff who could raise the alarm while you were intimidating other staff, customers who might walk in mid-robbery complicating things, passers by who might call the police, mechanics who fancy their chances (I've got quite a few friends who are mechanics and I'm not saying they'd take on someone waving a machete around but they would definitely be much less of a pushover than your average desk jockey MAMIL on their own, outside, in lycra)...

  • this is why i buy trek or canyon

  • you might be giving them too much credit. Look at the time of day this happens (early afternoon). I'm fairly sure ease is the reason

  • Richmond is full of people (and places) with more expensive shit on (in) them than bikes.

    Crashing people off bikes so you're now in possession of a damaged, stolen road bike may even be dumber than the machete waving.

    You can all keep arguing about it, doesn't change the fact there's a bunch of easier, higher value targets with less risk. They have to be pretty fucking high to have come up with this as their best money making scheme.

  • Colleague of mine had a 5k? Rado pulled off his arm by a guy leaving the Tube.

    I didn't even know Rado was a nice brand - sounds like shampoo.

    That's exactly what I'm suggesting - sit outside a club or a nice bar after hours and grab fuckers in the dark there, or even just walk around and snatch iphones off tables or whatever.
    If you're going the full mug - they're dressed up, carrying cash and cards and whatever else. You could rob a bunch of people on the same night. Way easier money than knocking off a bike.

  • I doubt machete wielding thieves are doing a risk reward analysis or applying PRINCE2 to their actions…

  • Alarms systems are only on when the shop is shut up. CCTV hardly gonna bother guys operating in broad daylight and if it does, balaclava etc

    You're never going to change my opinion that there's a shitload of easier, higher value targets so this is just turning into a LPW thread.

  • That's my point. They're fucking idiots. It's like stabbing someone for a pair of shoes.

    Enjoy that 10 years of jail for your new trainers, buddy.

  • I’m also pretty sure people mug people with such weapons for far less than a £8k bike

  • 8k RRP.

    Also my point. They're doing mad crime for (relatively) shit items.

  • Fagin Hippy, at his newly opened school of thievery

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  • phones are probably easier to trace and harder to sell than a bike, and a 10k SL7 can't be remotely bricked. I only reckon people are going to these lengths to steal bikes because they know they're much less likely to be caught.

  • Anyone any idea how much they get for an £8k bike? They're most likely the thick, risk-taking pricks punting onto someone else who'll do the sale. Sure they're getting more than the usual bike-snatching crackheids swapping a bike for a few rocks, but I'm sure it's a pittance, proportionately.

  • Change of topic, Can we have more creative ways to fend off thieves. Like your crazy uncles plan is to drop his trousers* to ultimately confuse would be thieves.

    *bibs make this an unviable solution I know.

  • Ram into their scooter, make off with it while carrying your bike over your shoulder & fist pumping.

  • Rado pulled off his arm by a guy leaving the Tube.

    Rado?! He was done a favour

  • On a similar note, we're had some break ins at work recently. Vans being broken into while the site team are staying away in hotels. When they heard what was going on, one of the blokes was threatened with a knife.

    My advice was to keep their stihlsaw in the hotel room and run out wielding that. You'd scare the hell out of any robber if you could wield one of these and they could hear you coming. SO maybe attach a trailer to your 10k S works and carry one of these :)

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  • Intimidate them by telling them, in detail, of the trainerroad plan you'll be following this winter.

  • Would it run off a Dynamo?

  • I’m looking forward to the next round of wanker dad build accessories.

  • Petrol, but that could be a new market for Stihl

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Attacks and bike thefts on cyclists in richmond park! please share on other pages

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