• There has been several bike thefts in Richmond Park last week. Please see info here and take care!!


  • Information only for the IGrammers.

  • GANG ATTACK: Really sorry to hear about this shocking attack on a cyclist in the park by a motorbike gang who stole the victim’s bike. We hope Alex makes a speedy recovery, and we will bring this up with the park’s police at a meeting which was scheduled before this incident took place. In the meantime, please be cautious - these sort of attacks happen all over London, so report any suspicious activity you see to the police.

    This is what Alex wrote yesterday in his post:

    “Pretty shocking experience today in Richmond park. Was finishing my training around 3pm when two motor bikes with 4 men and balaclavas started following me. I knew exactly they wanted to take my bike and started to think what the best thing I could do was. I turned around at east sheen roundabout and started riding full speed to the cafe about 500 metres away. They simply rode one of the motor bikes into me at 60kph. I came off the bike and the first motor bike lost control. I held onto my bike however the second motor bike then dragged me and the bike along the floor for another 100 metres. After this they pulled out a 15 inch machete 🔪 at which point I thought better and let the bike go. I’m pretty cut up and bruised with a swollen hip but tomorrow is another day. Please be careful in the area and note this is becoming a common occurrence in parts of london. The police have taken their notes down as armed robbery and hopefully the criminals are found. Please raise awareness. At least I got most of the ride in even if no file to show for it! Once again the wife to the rescue to pick me up”

  • There was another yesterday, not on the gram. 2 people on a moped in daylight hours.
    That is at least 3 this week.

  • Yay, Another reason to dislike riding in Richmond Park.

    buys machete

  • Putney High Street now too. An extremely busy street


  • The picture in replies is a bit bonkers!

  • "An area search was conducted, however the suspects could not be traced. The victim was taken to hospital as a precaution but was not seriously injured. Any witnesses to call police on 101 and quote ref CAD 5688/11Oct (2/2)"

  • I was told about this by a tri guy from Battersea last week. Nuts, and especially so that it’s like a daily occurrence now

  • sharpens aerobars

  • That's pent up demand after the lockdowns. There was an article in the Guardian a while ago predicting a rise.

  • Your a pent

  • M Khan is pent

  • Proceeds to impale self while carrying bike up stairs?

    What price range are these specific bikes that 4 guys are so brazenly robbing people for them?

  • up stairs?

    I don't have stairs... specifically to avoid impalings from sharpened aerobars...

  • Here are the viilains. Note: they're on scooters, not mopeds or motorbikes. It helps to know the difference so you can tell whether someone is a threat or not. Two scrotes on one scooter is a suspicious thing to see. They'd rather have a scooter each, but they share one when they go thieving. The scrote on the back grabs the goods.

    1 Attachment

    • scrotes.jpg
  • Surprised some one in car didn't volunteer their services.

  • From recent cases of motorbike thieves being knocked off stolen motorbikes by the stolen motorbike owners while driving cars, has not gone well for the car drivers.

  • "He had a machete, officer, that's why I parked on top of him"

  • they're on scooters, not mopeds or motorbikes

    Confusingly, this type of scooter is basically a slightly larger moped, not a scooter like the many electric scooters popping up on pavements around London.

  • A moped used to look more like a motorbike, with a frame and footpegs. It also had pedals, so you could supplement the engine power.

    Now a moped looks like a scooter, with a platform to put your feet on. The pedals have gone because the motor is more powerful. But it's still limited by law to 50cc and 28 mph. The legal limits on cc and speed are what define a moped. If it's got more than 50cc or goes faster than 28mph, it's not a moped any more. It's either a scooter (if it has a platform for your feet) or a motorbike (if it has a frame and footpegs.)

    A scooter with a petrol engine used to be called a motor scooter, but everyone started abbreviating that to scooter. The word scooter without the motor prefix used to be reserved for something with no engine, just two wheels and a platform to stand on. You would 'scoot' along with your foot.

    Now we have another type of motor scooter with an electric motor, which we call an e-scooter.

    I hope that's clear? There will be an exam tomorrow.

  • Well lets have a pointless discussion on what is a moped, scooter and motorbike when many can't tell the difference.

  • Do you think anything will happen now that someone famous has had his bike stolen?

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Attacks and bike thefts on cyclists in richmond park! please share on other pages

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