Genesis Croix De Fer 853 - £2500

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  • Genesis Croix De Fer 853 - Medium
    Shimano GRX RX400 2x10 Groupset
    Mavic All Road SL wheels
    Deda Elementi Superleggera Handlebar
    ENVE Road Stem Black Graphics
    Fizik Antares R3 Saddle
    Continental Speed King Racesport

    My first ride was on January 2021 - I do just ~10km a day. the bike is in really good condition.

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  • 2300 on facebook. At least give us your best price.

  • It’s fucking mental how much croix de fer’s are these days. Cable operated for 2.2k

  • I bought a used CdF 853 (in excellent condition) with Hunt dynamo wheelset, lights, hydraulic disks, 105 last summer for £1300. Just sayin'.

  • Actually I am going to be less polite. I am fucking sick of people asking piss-taking prices on this forum. And I don't buy the "you don't have to buy it" line. This is meant to be a community not the Wild West of used bike sales. So I'm sure this is a lovely bike but knock a grand off and somebody might be getting a reasonable deal.

  • Haha! Why are you so upset? Just live your life ma friend. Relax.
    But as you are the expert here, tell me how much i should be selling it for, please.

  • Link?

    OP: It needs to be listed here or elsewhere, not both.
    So, remove it from FB or I will remove it from here.

  • Has been taken down since I posted.

  • We definitely need an overpriced thread…

  • I’m just waiting for someone to tell me what’s a fair price now…

    Let’s Google all the parts and we find the price.

    So far i just see haters here…

    Please, tell me the price

  • Let’s Google all the parts and we find the price.

    That's not how things work, well, at least it didn't pre 2020.

  • Well, last time i checked it was around £3300

    The bike was used for 10 months, 200 km a month.

    £800 pounds off.

    Maybe £2300? £2200?

  • So far i just see haters here…

    You're not doing yourself any favours. Somebody said it a couple of posts up, knock a grand off.

  • op: why £300 mark up for here?

  • I’m just waiting for someone to tell me what’s a fair price now…

    Wack it on eBay with no reserve and lets find out.

  • 😅

    Well, maybe i will

  • See, that’s the thing, normally I’d be doing my best headshake at things…but the way things are, it’s nuts. A custom ride seems better value these days. Might Give waltly a shout

  • thanks, everyone.

    I will reconsider the price and maybe post it again in the future.


Genesis Croix De Fer 853 - £2500

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