Bib Tights/Winter gear Advice

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  • I'm looking at grabbing myself some bib tights for the upcoming winter and as usual I'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there. I'm sure this topic has been chewed before, so forgive me if so.

    Here's what I'm looking at:

    Some DHB's currently at half price­oubaix-bib-tight-1

    Sportful bibs. I've had a jacket before which I'm really happy with, but over double the price than DHB.­andre-norain-team-bib-tights-202882.html­?utm_source=PHG&utm_medium=AffiliateMark­eting&utm_campaign=phg-GB&ucpo=122836&so­urce=PHG

    Different Sportful bibs for only a fiver more than above­andre-pro-bib-tights-202849.html

    Price is a consideration for me, so on that basis the DHB's come out on top. However I do want to be comfortable in all the upcoming weather - single digits, wind, rain etc. The DHB's don't have any water repellency but does it matter?
    Basically, I want to be a happy rider this winter.

    Should I go for the budget option, or would I be significantly better off spending the cash?

    I also have similar questions about baselayers, but that may be a different thread...

    Help! :D

  • Can't comment on sportful but I've had a pair of dhb winter bibs for years and they are toasty. They are padless so worn with another pair of shorts underneath which means extra warmth. That said I'd try then on if you can and go for which is comfier.

    As for baselayers; Rapha for Merino - yes they are worth the extra.
    For non merino I have a helly Hanson lifa dry long sleeve that is very warm when under a jersey/jacket but non warm like merino when standing still.

  • Merino/baselayer thread for more research/procrastination... :)­08/?offset=1375#comment16027940

  • The water repellency thing, only you know how much you can put up with. If you are planning on long, cold and wet rides then it's probably a good idea.


    Personally, I don't think the price difference of Sportful over dhb doesn't correlate with the level of quality. I'd look at for good value vs. quality.

  • I've been using dhb winter bibs for several years. Alone for fine weekend rides above freezing, and commuting with a water/wind-proof shell over the top (mainly to cut the wind out) down to -8C or with fresh snow around. I rate em.

  • Great advice guys, much appreciated. Im gonna give the Dhb’s a whirl 😎

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Bib Tights/Winter gear Advice

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