Fake Cinelli road bike 58cm

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  • Hello here i'm selling my well looked after steel frame road bike. Selling due to wanting a change.

    Cinelli steel frame bike 58cm
    Campagnolo chrous II groupset
    Cosmic wheels Tubular

    (Pedals/ light not included)

    Payment- £1400 or best offer

    Payment on collection (TW14) Or can deliver anywhere around London

    Please message for further information

    Thank you

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  • Interested in the group set if you split ✌️ But GLWS 👍

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  • Hi very interested I’m 6ft 2 do you think on the small side? Thanks


  • It's an L frame I'm not sure cos it's a little large for me as I'm 5/10.

  • So glad this is too big for me. Just saved me an argument with my wife.

  • I do not think that is a Cinelli.
    Supercorsa decals but it is definitely not a Supercorsa.

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  • I was really in to this but after checking it out properly it looks like the seat stay chroming comes higher than the brake bridge and seat binder/lug looks wrong too even if the lugs have been resprayed over and the forks swapped. So doesn't look like any Super corsa i can see even an older one. Are the BB shells meant to be Cinelli id stamped on all of these? I've seen some now with the brake bridge Super corsa stamped as well? It'd be interesting to find out what it is because it still looks quite nice and with all that kit on it may still be an ok buy at that price. My next build will look like this i have a Record group set and some Boras. Fancy a Colnago Master really maybe a Tommasini Sintesi if i can find one with an unusual paint job. If it looks like this when it's finished i won't be disappointed. Shame this one doesn't seem legit as its a good looking bike with some nice kit. You could probably still get close to your asking price by parting this one out even if you have got a duff frame.

  • Not a cinelli. I've updated the title

  • It's period correct with the carpet and house decor thou

  • I'm genuinely confused at the moment. I'm not a first time buyer of this bike. I don't understand what's fake about this? So is it just a steel frame unbranded?

  • have a look at other supercorsa's on the net, check out the rear seat stays and their connection to the seat tube, the lugs / connection are very different, cinelli are fast back

    the forks too

    also in this thread https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3473­33/#comment15273391 you ask if anyone is selling a bike LIKE the one in the first post, you seem to have found a bike with very similar parts and the same odd seat stays ?

    where did you buy the bike ? and was it sold to you as a supercorsa ?

  • It’s odd that you say “it’s a little large” but still have a lot of seatpost showing in the pics?

  • Yeah strange that looks like 80 cm ish bb to top of saddle in the pics. Massive if he's 5"10. This one has quickly gone from thats pretty to thats a shame to this is really wierd now sale.

  • My own SC from 1982
    As you can see from the paint chips Super Corsas are fully chromed, then painted over the chrome. This paint has been unusually durable. We used to joke about Italian bikes having “quick release paint”.

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  • In this thread https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3473­33/#comment15273391 someone was selling his bike but he cancelled his sale because he wanted to keep his bike. After a month later and few he got back in touch with me asking me if I was still interested towards buying the bike which as I did. I bought this bike because of how it looked nothing else. I bought it because it was a Cinelli nothing else didn't know nothing about supercorsa etc.

  • It's an okay size for me but a little large, especially reaching to the handle bars.


Fake Cinelli road bike 58cm

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