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  • Yeah, it has crossed my mind. I even looked at where the -new- place is this week.

    Normally I'm busy and every other time I just can't be arsed :)

    This week the missus flew home early Friday morning so I didn't think going out the night before was wise. The week before we were in Scotland, the week before that we were getting ready for Scotland, etc, etc

  • Yeah, realise The (Acton) Swan isn't as convenient for you,
    the restricted range of beers on offer can't compete with the
    appealing, ever-changing stock at Pint of Hops.

  • I was in PoH on Fri. There's a new guy in there or at least he's not the usual guy. They've got taps on and some seating there now. I'm feeling pretty rough though after last night - Dodo then over to a mate's place. I think next week I have 'old work' drinks somewhere in the city on Thu.

  • Oops, I thought this was the Wests thread last night. :) I've only just seen the rest of it.


    Green tea meet ups with @Oliver Schick @cliveo

    Yes, we need to have another one sometime soon!


    Big love to @Oliver Schick for keeping me company while being slow af on my 1 and only London Classic/Cobblemonstėr riding a bmx

    And generally being a badass

    Ha, cheers, except I thought you were being the badass. As for being 'slow af', you only dropped me up every hill. :) This is, admittedly, not all that hard, but I certainly had no complaints about the speed. By some distance my favourite edition of the Londoncobbleclassicmonster.


    @Oliver Schick for tempting me out of tagging retirement …

    That was fun, and great to ride with you on the Jubbly ride!

  • My favorite forum rides/memories were led by drug addled, endearingly unpleasant and acerbic individuals.

    Oliver Schick ?🤔

    And I thought I might get lucky and not be identified by the reference, but I guess I only get lucky when I lead rides. :)

  • @lowbrows muchas gracias

  • I find myself flattered and grateful for comments made about me in this thread.

    I won't mention any particular individuals, but I can honestly say that all my personal contacts with forum users have been positive.

    For the record, when I first posted on LFGSS I thought it might be a useful medium to find recruits for my club. This never really came to pass - various Hounslow members have posted on here, but we've only really acquired one new member and I think he would probably have come to us in any case.

    However I believe I've learnt a lot from a younger generation on the forum, and some of that I may have been able to pass on to the many old fogies who inhabit my world. By the same token, I hope that I have managed to bring some small fragments of wisdom back from those elders to inform people here.

    One thing that strikes me about the posts on this thread is that the good memories almost all come from face to face meetings in the real world, rather than on line chatter. This is probably inevitable, but perhaps it tells us something useful - that the olden days clubroom meeting and club run can't be replicated digitally.

    With this in mind I propose that we organise a meeting for all those mentioned in this thread. With the winter almost upon us, a pub in central London might seem an obvious choice for this, but with the Covid infection rate rising so rapidly maybe that's not such a great idea. I suggest a meeting next Spring with a ride to a country pub. The first thing that comes to my mind are venues a little to the North of London, meeting perhaps at Hertford and going North into the lanes. So we might call this proposal:

    An Easy Day in May

    Let's hear if you think this is a good or a bad idea.

  • Go on , I'll bite.

    @hatbeard, @6pt, @laner, @dropout, @fox, @edscoble, @tricitybendix, @Cupcakes @whateverxanderiscallednow, @OldSkoolRacer, @ChainBreaker , @Mickie_Cricket and numerous others for welcoming me into forum beers and going on forum rides during an incredibly difficult period in my life. You guys, probably without realising it, helped me pick myself out of a dark place and start to get life back on track...ultimately leading me down a path to meeting @avellana who somehow has tolerated being my wife for the last 7.5 years :D

    Yeah yeah, and @velocio for enabling all of that to happen...

  • And @hillbilly for teaching me how to really skid

  • You'll be lost in a box next time we ride there

  • There are too many to mention. You know who you are and I love you all and am grateful to you for everything you have done for me these past 13 years.

    While time might not allow me to set out my litany of forum saints, there are a few who should be mentioned specifically.

    Big Daddy Wayne, Dwayne and Fiddy come immediately to mind. Sorely missed but never forgotten.

  • Well said Mr O

    Hope all’s well

  • Very well thanks. Hope all good with you too xx

  • @clubman is a gent and so is everyone else who has sold me cheap good quality lightweight parts

  • We need to do beers again now things are easing up.

    Also think loads on that list are no longer here...

  • Also think loads on that list are no longer here.


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Good people of the forum

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