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  • I think you have missed the point of this thread.

  • Have you missed this:

    Should there be a new thread for drug addled OG forum members whom when confronted in face to face situations to say to an actual person what they claim online suddenly become very apologetic. Then claim they will apologise online then never do, then make claims more claims?
    Or would you prefer I post about members (or specific members mentioned on here as good members) of whom posted on here and separate groups I was a member of and there were specific members making cruel and hateful things about others. Then grief farming? Are they still good members of the forum?

    Maybe seeing forum members named as good people when they are clearly not upsets me.

    But then history seems to show the ones calling out 'good' people as pariahs is not the correct position to take.

  • Can we take the beef elsewhere. No one is good and no one is perfect. I'm not excusing any past behaviour by DJ, or anyone else. What I said was that we had a forum interaction that had a positive impact on me. 'Forum people who had a positive impact on me but are hugely flawed individuals' has a shit ring to it. I'd also like to see whose exempt from that. I don't want to go to the mat for DJ here really so can we just all take it easy.

  • DJ one force fed me delicious meat

    heartless bastard

  • Forum people who had a positive impact on me but are hugely flawed individuals

  • Do forum sex pests deserve a mention in this thread? Maybe people who live in glass houses should wind their fucking necks in a bit... Fucking weirdo...

  • Stop spoiling YAL's nice thread, you dickheads

  • Too many people to mention at once, but a shout to @7Üp for somehow always managing to make me smile

  • For bring joy to any ride or social I’ve been on ove a decade or more @jonny and @Skülly have to be in this thread!

  • You leave me out of this

  • Tell me more about this meat…

  • Show me on the doll where he…

  • What I said was that we had a forum interaction that had a positive impact on me. 'Forum people who had a positive impact on me but are hugely flawed individuals' has a shit ring to it. I'd also like to see whose exempt from that.


    We’ve never interacted (before now).

    Too many to name, but all the helpful folks who diagnose mechanical issues on strangers’ bikes, including mine, thank you. @gbj_tester I think one of them is called. 😉

    Also thanks to the wise and compassionate souls on the Depression thread. Your words and support make a positive difference.

  • You're absolutely right, I just couldn't let the forum's MegaCreep get away with more of his constant 'woe is me' bleating bullshit... Apologies, @youramericanlover!

  • ah thanks dude. for the props. and for being bundled in with @skully which is the biggest prop of all. always great to spend time with you when chance allows.

    nice thread @youramericanlover - so many to thank and be grateful for on here. good shout dude

  • Mirror mirror on the wall snow black tell me tell him why is the kettle calling the pot white?

  • Hello, I did not mention any names, there are things that do not sit right with me when talking about good people of the forum. So I will speak out. Martin Neomuller words have stuck with me, so I will speak out. If there is an issue with that, give it time as silencing those whom have spoken out does not bode well. A few good deeds does not negate a whole lot of horrible hateful ones, especially are there are many good people on this forum, whom have given positive experiences at this forum. Off the top of my head ryan at js on the brompton thread and helped so many others on the forum.

    Replied to DJs comment, and did not mention any names.

    But then again I didn't mention names like Mak for the bridges rides, but did reply to Katie thanking her and the others involved for the underground London ride was a fascinating ride. Especially liked that ride as I spent 80 work hours tracing the route of the River Effra and other tributaries to provide proof that Effra was not the cause of basement flooding. So gained a fascination for the old tributaries of the Thames that were diverted and culverted to become routes for sewers.

    YAL also commented on our interaction, as I thought that was fucking hilarious/cringe worthy.

  • OK Lynx you said what was on your mind. Let's leave it.

  • Here is a picture of @cgg on a fiasco ride in the North Downs. I told you he was stylish.

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  • Here's a nice but dumb thing. I used to do solo rides from Dover to Brighton on a crap single speed. One time @andyp said why are cycling against the prevailing winds? I gave some crap excuse but basically that made me realise that headwind might be a Thing in cycling.

    We also did the NYD CX Madison and he was great and patient when I was a hungover mess.

  • @gbj_tester is actually quite nice in person

  • You are all good people. ❤️ Forum has been good to me.

  • @dancing James helped me get back in to mountain biking and was always very generous with his time and hospitality. A hat-tip in his direction.

  • I wouldn’t be riding stupid bikes if it weren’t for you. Best egg

  • Thank you @youramericanlover for the kind words & for making this thread. I owe much to this place and the people that frequent it, and to be sure my stay in London would probably have been much shorter if it weren't for it.

    I'd also like to add that the North Down ride in question was a good ride but weather was hot and I was very overgeared so I may have gotten a bit grumpy towards the end!

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Good people of the forum

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