• All unused pairs.

    The Baby Limus have some kind of residue that looks a little like dirt but it's not.
    All prices are delivered.

    WTB Riddler //700x45c //45-622 //£37.50 - SOLD

    Challenge Paris-Roubaix //700x27c //27-622 //300TPI //£70 - SOLD

    Challenge Baby Limus //700x33c //33-622 //300TPI //£60 - SOLD

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  • PM'd RE Riddlers

  • Riddlers provisionally sold

  • 2nd dibs on the Riddlers, please.

  • Riddlers sold

  • Paris-Roubaix now sold

  • These are now all sold.
    Everyone kindly gifted the money so the 4% fees plus a little haggling with @mf means a forum donation of £9.10.


Tyres: WTB Riddler, Challenge Paris-Roubaix, Challenge Baby Limus

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