Covid Vaccination Mandates

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  • Canada is requiring most federally regulated workers to be vaxxed by Oct 30.
    This includes all air transport, airport workers inside the secured areas, the post office, federal law enforcement and customs.
    Anyone refusing without valid reason will be put on unpaid leave. Those who quit rather than getting vaccinated will not be given unemployment benefits.
    I work at YWG. At least two co workers I know are going to quit rather than get vaccinated. Three more might also leave.
    There are strict new rules banning unvaccinated people from air travel.
    Interesting few weeks coming up.
    Shit hit the fan!

  • Here come the Vaccine Wars!!

  • Thankfully short-lived due to high attrition on the side of the unvaccinated.

  • It's fucked, people are gonna have to learn the hard way, it will come as quite the shock once it starts moving through their communities...

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  • In New South Wales, the plan is to enforce a vaccine mandate on all entertainment locations - no Vaccine = no eating out, cinema etc.

  • Part of my job is coordinating community access support for people living in aged care facilities... I have unvaccinated support workers who aren't allowed in to facilities which forces their clients to meet them outside the building, it's bloody ridiculous...

    I'm looking forward to getting rid of the lot of them, they don't give a shit about the people they support and they're putting them at risk, may they rot in hell...

    TBH I'm surprised the vaccination mandate hasn't already rolled out across the aged and disability sectors in Oz as those are two of the most vulnerable segments of the population...

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Covid Vaccination Mandates

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