Old School Bike Shops in London

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  • Hi All,

    I'm looking for a bike shop as a location for a TV programme I'm working on. I need an 'Aladdin's cave' style independent LBS, of which I'm sure there used to be hundreds, and now are a dying breed...

    Something like Sargent and Co in Stoke Newington would be ideal... (I've actually tried calling there but it says temporarily closed - has anyone seen him open recently?!)

    Failing a bike shop, if anyone knows of any interesting looking bike workshops that we could hire for a day, that could also work...

    Any suggestions gratefully received!

    Many thanks,


  • The workshop below Look Mum No Hands (i.e. not the main space, but where they actually do the wrenching) is the closest central London place I can think of.

    Harry Perry Cycles in Woolwich has the same vibe: http://harryperrycyclesuk.co.uk/

  • Wilson's Cycles in Peckham? Been running 150 years or so

  • You could try Brixton Cycles, modern building but they close on Sundays.

  • Sam The Wheels in Brixton. He's famous https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/oc­t/04/everything-burn-sam-wheels-filmed-b­rixton-ablaze-uprisings-black-britain-cl­ovis-salmon

    His workshop is in his home. Never seen it, but the outside always looks like the photo in the Guardian.

  • Maybe Druid Cycles by Tower Bridge? I assume they're still open.

  • Is Sargent & Co still around? Think I remember the owner going off to restore a boat or something, not sure if it's still going

    Eurgh I shoulda read the OP properly, too much coffee soz

  • yeah he splits his time between bikes and boats afaik.

    Could try pedal pedlar in dalston? they have a small but fairly atmospheric shop full of bike stuff and a little underground workshop below the shop

  • Thanks. The best outside by far, unfortunately modernised on the inside!

  • Yep I've been down there good shout thanks...

  • No worries! I think he's going to be a nightmare to get hold of anyway...

  • Thanks I'll have a look at both...

  • Edwardes in Camberwell might be worth looking at. Front of house had every last inch of wall and ceiling space displaying something when I last went, no idea what the workshop looks like though.

  • I have never been in, but Walden's Cycles in Kingston looks like this from the outside:

    Otherwise, Edwardes.

  • I don't suppose anyone on here has a mobile number, or (I'll be amazed) an email address for Rob at Sargents?

  • All the bikes a bit too modern in there I think - thanks for the suggestion though!

  • Looks amazing thank you. I suspect his workshop isn't much tidier!

  • I think it’s closed down?

  • You can plot the growth of the bike pile on Streetview. None in 2008. https://goo.gl/maps/ez3PBV28RqdLzcK76

    I remain to be convinced of his skills. I asked him to remove my bott0m bracket but he couldn't do it. Perhaps that's unfair, it was a 30 year old steel frame.

  • Maybe, but it's looked on the point of closing for about two decades...and has recent reviews.

  • Bikes and Bits is fairly Aladdin's cave-like:

  • Rob's email address is in his Instagram bio.

  • Thanks! I thought he might be the type of guy to not have much internet presence, but I've subsequently found his, website, FB and Insta! All sorted

  • Great thanks. Will have a look

  • Two Wheels Good in N16?

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Old School Bike Shops in London

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