Removing seized inner bearing race off axle

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  • A little off topic but probably relevant, but anyone have suggestions for removing a seized inner bearing race off the axle? In my case, on our pushchair, which I can't put in new wheels without removing the old inner race below.
    If I were home I'd Dremel it, buy at my mil on Warsaw so tools on hand are basic.
    I've sprayed with WD-40 but no joy.

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  • heat would be my choice if no cutting tools and if you can protect the bits around it. might want to make some sort of heat shield for that

  • no idea of the dimensions of that but would a bearing puller work

  • I've seen those, but most have been for bigger bearings. The one stuck here is about 10mm I'd say. Might head to the market tomorrow to see what's about.

  • Take it that’s a stub axle kinda thing so no chance to knock/push the axle out of the bearing? Heat and cold cycles might help. Just off the boil kettle of fire isn’t an option.

  • If you have a sacrificial flathead screwdriver and a hammer of sorts, you could try carefully but firmly hitting a corner of the screwdriver between the innermost edge of the race and the middle part of the axle (where the black bearing dust cover is in your image, on the axle). I wouldn’t advise hitting it hard, but the idea would be to hit the hammer at a shallow angle so that just the corner is able to pry the race out just enough to get it moving.

    Hope that makes sense. Good luck with it in any case!

  • I vote for this sort of approach, using a chisel, stanley knife blade or screwdriver.

    If you have an angle grinder with a cutting disk, obviously that is more fun, provides heat as you grind, along with a frisson of danger, sparks etc. Reshaping the race would allow other techniques to get more purchase.

  • Crown race remover?

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  • @ad441 This will probably be the solution when I get home.
    @Eseman That isn't the bearing dust cover, but actually part of the pushchair frame. I've found that the bearings used on the new wheels, the inner race is narrower so I've been able to kind of bodge the wheel on, just have to remember that the wheel being further out means I can't use the lock effectively on the pushchair. Thanks for the info, I may yet give the hammer and screwdriver a go when I'm back as ideally we'd look to sell the pushchair on.

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Removing seized inner bearing race off axle

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