• Nice score on the cladding, the best price is free.
    (If you store them flat on some battens to keep them off the ground it’ll help to stop them bowing, bending and twisting.)

  • At what stage do I get the electrician back in

    This is going to sound like a lame answer but ask your electrician when they want to come in to make their job easy and minimise the amount of making good needed for all the work you've just completed

  • Would this stuff work as damp membrane as well as being added insulation?


  • How the outside is coming along.

    Bike stand with a little adjustments station. (Just testing the position at the mo).

    It's just occurred to me that if I make all the shelving in the bike store removable and hang some curtain rails at the top. I can turn it into a spray booth which is very handy. I find myself painting things fairly frequently.

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  • Nice! Like the outside work stand.
    (You may wish to edit the pic to remove your address though:))

  • Outside is coming on.

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  • I'm really sorry but i don't understand the concept behind this.
    You had a massive airy space and have built a room wall /door /window /side bit ?
    Why not just replace the original door with something more insulated where you don't lose any space?
    I must be missing something so not a negative comment just confused !

  • I know it's an odd use of the space, but here's what led me down the path I chose.

    *My wife wouldn't countenance any visible changes to the house. (With door closed.)

    *Didn't want to remove garage roller door. (Every other house on our street has one and dodnt want to do anything that raises too many eye brows)

    • But did want insulation. Had to remove the asbestos which meant house jas been freezing!

    *if we move I can rip out a stud wall no problem

    *I wanted the inside to be a clean space. More lounge than garage. It's basically a big space for me to chill in, play guitar and tinker with posh bikes.

    *I wanted somewhere covered to work on bikes that were dirty (pre / post ride stuff). Hence front bit

    • I wanted separate storage for daily drivers and shit bikes + storage for tools and other stuff - that bike storage is a tually bigger than it looks so it will be a mini DIY station too. Walls will have french cleats so all modular

    • I wanted to be able to work in there with a door open, but not the whole garage door.

    • Added layer (literally) of security

    This is how it ended up. Right or wrong. I reckon it's going to tick all my boxes

    I got home in the rain last night, cleaned bike in garden, lubed it up in the front stand and slotted it into the bike store and it all work nicely.

  • Oh and the amount of space lost behind the door is very minimal. In fact I'd argue that it's now more usable as I can hang things off the wall on both sides and have a little wfh wall mounted bench under the window

  • I dig it

  • Thanks makes more sense now, like I said not a criticism but just thinking out loud ‘🤓

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Help me turn my new garage into a bike lounge (just don't call it a fucking mancave)

Posted by Avatar for Ifonlyiwerebelgian @Ifonlyiwerebelgian