• Nice. That's pretty much exactly my plan. Except my roller door will stay operational with a door behind it.

  • At least I'm not calling it a 'service course'

  • 3 days of asbestos removal has turned into 5... gearing up for a conversation along the lines of, 'you came to visit the site in order to properly cost the works, you gave me quote based on that assessment...that is what I am paying.'

  • It is a very interesting process though. It was supposed to be signed off as asbestos free today, but the independent inspector wasn't happy. So they are back tomorrow to clean all the ceiling beams and under floorboards

  • The scale of this job is getting me tied up in knots a bit. Hoping to get electrics sorted ASAP

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  • hey ! looks like a awesome space, where you moved to?

  • Yeah. Its great. Fucking freezing in there at the mo though. Nailsea.

  • Electrician friend has been round this week. I was a little concerned as to how much I could add to existing system, but he says it all good. So that will be happening in the new year. Then I can get insulated again.

    I've managed to score myself some doors and a window, that my parents had stashed. So that has saved me a fortune. It's white PVC, so I will probably spray it a hipster colour. Once I've picked it all up I can build stud wall around it.

  • Slow progress. I've had no time for anything, but in theory electrics are being done this month.

    Does anyone know what the regulations are around wall cladding/covering materials?

    Can I line it all in ply or does that make it too flammable?

  • Keep the wife happy and give her a new kitchen. And then do up your man cave. And then buy a do it all bike .
    Only joking love following shed builds

  • I would also love a new kitchen to be fair...

  • I was like you moving into a old house
    My wife had to wait 6 months before we got a new kitchen. The old one was something from the 60s

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Help me turn my new garage into a bike lounge (just don't call it a fucking mancave))

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