• Ahoy.

    My family and I have just moved out of big city Bristol and into semi rural obscurity so we could have space for our little one to run around. The plus side of which is that I now have a double garage.

    The house is all 70s skandi so il be going down the mid century vibe for the interior. But I'm struggling a bit with layout at the mo.

    Basic plan isas follows, bike work station, sink with parts wash. Bike display stands, g plan sideboard with a special bike on it, TV on the wall and somewhere to sit and watch bike racing.

    Here's the house, space and what I had in mind originally.

    Had some asbestos testing today, but its safe to say all of the ceiling and most of the wall boarding will be coming down, then being replaced with non cancer causing plasterboard.

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  • Currently trying out this layout instead,

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  • Anyone got ideas in how better to use the space? Roughly 6 x 5.5

  • Nice man cave you’ve got there…

  • Personally I'd put my brewkit in there......

  • Rightmove link?
    i'm nosey not a thief!

    You could get one of the new Citroen Amis which wouldn't take up much space and sit in it to watch TV and use it to pop down to the shops when it's raining...!


  • Nice space. Look forward to seeing how it develops :-)

  • Would it be worth hanging bikes vertically to space a bit of space? Do you want TV / sofa seating in there? Is it insulated / heated?

  • Cool stuff, interested in how you do this (and what you used to do the 3d mock ups)
    As we will have a (decent sized) single garage when we move later this month.

  • That was my thought too. Wall mounted rack, hang bikes up and you save lots of space.

    What flooring do you have there? I can't quite make it out.

    I have a concrete screed type floor in mine which is horrible and dusty and was thinking of getting it sorted.

    Edit: I would also paint the walls and ceiling white/ a light colour to make it brighter in there.

    Tool rack on the wall?

  • came here to see the supercaliber :(

  • Looks awesome, always my first thought is, is it secure enough? I'd think about security first and work back from there, are the bikes ok just lined up or do they need to have access to a ground anchor, what locks, garage door ok etc.

  • I think hang bikes vertically as it frees up loads of floorspace. I've got 5 in a row along a 1.7m wall in my small shed, works well and they only extend about 1m from the wall.
    Will you want to have a turbo? Possibly in front of the TV? Seems a good space for it, but perhaps that's not your thing.
    Also the 'trophy bike' could be suspended from the ceiling, or hanging on the wall above the TV?

  • 100% hanging bikes up is a better use of space.

    But, I feel that as soon as you take an object out of the orientation in which it is used, it loses something. Bikes on the wall are just hanging things, Bikes on the ground are waiting to be ridden. (I appreciate that makes me sound like an utter cunt).

    We have sheds and other storage for normal garage crap so this space is all about bikes.

    @Jameo security is an issue that I need to sort but know very little about. It's a remote electric roller door, so not sure what the bed way to secure that is (without the losing the convenience ideally). I will have a ground anchor and chain for my more expensive bikes, but they are insured. Any suggestions on securing garage door would be appreciated.

    All of the roof and ceiling panelling is coming down as it asbestos insulating board. Before I plasterboard it all, I'm going to put some big LED panel lights in to make it nice and bright. Some more sockets, and plumbing for sink too.

    @amey supercal currently in bits for suspension servicing.

    @danb it's just an android app. Room planner I belive it's called. Came in really handy

  • Insane space.

    I'm so jealous

  • Step 1. Make it safe. Remove very nasty asbestos

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  • Nice work, an expensive but necessary step. We recently had an asbestos roof removed from an outbuilding last week and they didn't look as professional as this set-up.

  • Yeah, im quite impressed by GAL. Ours is the real nasty insulation board so requires all sorts of decontamination zones to remove it. It looks like a massive faff to be honest.

    It is very expensive. My lovely wife is pretty annoyed that my garage is costing so much and she can't have a new kitchen yet...

  • My lovely wife is pretty annoyed that my garage is costing so much and she can't have a new kitchen yet...

    Sounds slightly familiar. Any relevant learnings with the garage can be applied to your shiny new kitchen so it's of an even higher standard ;)

  • I don't think park tool make kitchen appliances....

  • Just saying

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  • Asbestos work is coming on nicely. Revealing some decent wood battening behind the boards which is going to make insulation and plasterboard easier.

    The big issue for me is the garage roller door. It presents a number of problems that need sorting. Insulation, security, humidity, sound proofing and probably more I've not thought of. It will cost too much to remove and brick up. So I'm considering leaving it in place and building a stud wall with a door behind it.

    Am I being a moron?

  • I considered replacing my crappy up and over garage door with a double glazed unit as it would allow masses of natural light into the garage.

    My sisters picture framing business moved into a new industrial unit with a roller door. They fitted a multi panel windowin front of the roller door so they could get the light during the day and drop the shutter for security at night. I guess you could fit the window behind the roller door as well. 2nd hand DG doors can be picked up really cheaply.

  • Am I being a moron?

    Saw someone on that epic pistonheads garage thread who did that. Seemed like a sensible move. Can't remember if they did anything special other than what you've outlined.

    Although TBH the glass idea sounds much nicer.

  • "bike lounge" is just as silly as "man cave"

    Just call it a workshop! :)

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Help me turn my new garage into a bike lounge (just don't call it a fucking mancave)

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