Straw Poll: What do you use for cleaning bikes?

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  • I either wipe with an old cloth sprayed with a bit of wd40/similar, then on the mechanical bits Screwfix degreaser followed by a rinse off and then lube and a spray and wipe with wd40/similar.

  • Another vote for baby wipes here. If it needs a proper clean, supermarket washing up liquid in a reused MucOff bottle so I feel like a proper cyclist, scrub with a brush and a hose down with the jet washer.

  • I thought baby wipes was a joke, aren't they expensive

  • Diluted No Nonsense heavy duty degreaser, toothbrush for the chain, larger brush for the cassette, then optionally sponge + fenwick concentrate for the frame and wheels and mobi pressure washer to get it all off. Quick and easy.

  • Soap for non moving parts, wd40 for moving parts, and ipa for disc breaks.

  • And tragically bad for the environment

  • I'm not going to look, I'd I imagine there are some even more expensive not-so-bad for the environment versions.

  • And tragically bad for the environment

    On that, this stuff can't be good can it..­eavy-duty-degreaser-5ltr/88668

    Open to recommendations on something greener.

  • Probably not, I usually opt for a citrus degreaser when I have the option, but you could weigh it up that any degreaser that prolongs the life of your chain/cassette/chainrings has a lower environmental impact than replacing chain/cassette/chainrings more regularly

  • Fenwicks chain cleaner and chain sponge (the sponge is a gamechanger)
    Bilthammer Surfex HD degreaser (diluted)
    Car wheel brush
    Worx battery jetwash

  • (the sponge is a gamechanger)

    Haven’t used one. How is it different from a regular tough sponge?

    I use:
    Kitchen citrus degreaser + warm water + hard brush or park tool chain cleaner, for tough grease.
    Muc Off + recycled cotton strips, everything else.

    Last bike shop I worked at used Weldtite aerosol degreaser for tough stuff, then Crankalicious (100mL bottle) products and kitchen roll for everything else. It didn’t seem very efficient or good for the people in the windowless workshop.

    (Changed for brevity)

  • My sponge has become pretty gummed up, any tips?

    I'm trying Peaties foaming degreaser instead of Fenwick's now, to avoid aerosol

  • Haven’t used one. How is it different from a regular tough sponge?

    It's shapped for a chain so it gets all three sides. And is quite coarse so seems to do a great job of getting it clean.

  • I usually just spray degreaser on it and blast it with the jet wash/hose.

  • Washing up liquid and a brush & sponge
    Petrol for degreaser on drive train
    Muc off dry motorcycle lube for the chain
    Euro car parts ep2 grease for bearings
    car lube copper grease for threads

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Straw Poll: What do you use for cleaning bikes?

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