Dad Bike Wanker Build

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  • So the recent arrival of child number two has made me realise I'm going to need a bike to take her to nursery on which seems like an excuse to put something new together.

    I know it's very difficult (if not impossible) to go for a wanker build with a Yepp Mini on but I'm going to give it a go.

    I've got an old Genesis 853 26er in the shed. Plan is to stick some rigid forks on it, get it repainted in a lairy colour and build it up with some swept back bars, 1Xsomething, and some shiny anodized bits. Perfect for posing at the nursery gate.

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  • Stipped and off to the powdercoaters. Getting some on one forks and an old cannondale stem done at the same time. Thinking RAL 2010: Signal Orange

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  • Nice frame, nice color and good plans!

  • old Genesis 853 26er in the shed

    Wish I had a shed like that.
    Mine’s full of ladders, broken chairs, dead wheels, boxes of useless toss and mouse shit.

    Lovely project though.

  • Ha there is plenty mouse shit in there. Also corners that smell of fetid decaying things.

  • Frame has gone off to the powder coaters this morning. Now want to sort out some cranks for it.

    I could put the SLX ones back on there but it'd be nice to do something different.

    I've had these Deore LX (m550 1991 I think?) sitting in a parts bin for 25 odd years. I used to have them on my downhill bike in the 90s and it would be nice to bring them back to life. Thinking about sanding and polishing them and replacing with a shiny anodized narrow wide ring.

    They're 5 bolt 110BCD. What are my options for lairy coloured rings? I can see wolf tooth and Hope do 38t rings but only in black. Ideally, I'd like something in 90s purple or maybe blue.

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  • Garbaruk. ;-) Nice project btw.

  • Cool frame!

    Are the bouncy forks for sale?

  • Could be I guess, not sure if postage to DK would be a fortune tho?

    These ones are definitely for sale.­48/

  • I have connections!

  • Looks like they are the only folk who will sell me one. Needs doing I think.

  • Waiting for the frame to come back, in the interim some high grit sandpaper and metal polish have cleaned the cranks up nicely.

    Also drunkenly paid too much on eBay for a CK Headset for it

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  • How much are you getting paid for Garbaruk promotion on here?;)

  • A lot! :D
    I guess I should tell them about the many (two) recommendations I've given so far.
    Maybe they'll give me a discount or something... ;-)

  • Here you go!


    (I ordered via travers bikes and they gave me a discount code! No idea how much it is for though.)

  • I see, it's already paying off. :D

  • Frame is back from the powdercoaters and looking good. Really happy with the colour and I think the matching stem looks great. The masking was broadly fine except they didn't mask off the inside of the stem so it needed some persuasion to get it to fit on the steerer. I'll also need to get the headset and bb faced before I install those but I can get that sorted out.

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Dad Bike Wanker Build

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