Scale Models General - (Tamiya, Gunpla, Airfix, Etc…)

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  • Didn’t spot a thread for this hobby ;) thought I would create one for any of us on here interested in the world of model making. Personally interested more in Gunpla and have a silly amount of niche Japanese miniature tools.

    Recently got myself a Badger Renegade krome airbrush, no compressor yet. There is a lot more kit needed for airbrushing than I originally thought! Any one else done much miniature painting?

    I’m also eyeing the Tamiya Grumman F-14D, though coming from Gunpla where the pieces are at-least pre coloured. I don’t want it ending up as a mess of paint. I should get some practice in first me thinks.

    Bit of a random start but post away and ramblings related to the topic!

  • Noticed that thread, but it seems mainly focused on the rc side of things unless I haven’t read through it enough?

  • I have built a fair few Hasegawa kits BITD, still have a few in the garage. Reading this thread makes me want to dig them out. I watched some YouTube stuff during lockdown for hints and tips :)

  • Dust the boxes off and give them a go! What kinds of models where you making?

    Some of the builds of YouTube are really inspiring when you factor in the building and on top of that sorting out filming the process!

  • aaaw man,

    airfix, later revell model kits from my childhood. Suspended war planes and helicopters using fine gauge fishing wire and thumb tacks in the ceiling at home. Had a school mate with an ace airbrush and huge collection of enamel paints, his house always smelt of thinners. He had a brilliant eye for detail, did camo patterns of German military hardware better than anyone I knew.

    I do fancy buying the Razor Crest kit (Mandalorian) just too many projects on the go..

  • I did the US F Series of fighters onwards to the F20 Tigershark and then it petered out. Unbuilt are some Russian fighters, Corsair, Harrier plus some other jets. Used to hang around the model shop in Deansgate Manchester but I guess it's closed now.

  • Heh,

    Ta v much.

    Short of childhood kits I have not returned to the airfix format yet.

    Maybe when my boys get older, but I always remember the process being so drawn out.

    I have Gunpla and recently built an MG Kyrios but the 'snap together', 'pre painted' parts make the process a bit more tolerable. (Not forgetting poseable parts)

    Maybe a loop hole for the kit manufacturers to exploit?

    Like an advanced version of the Quick Builds?

    Re. Tamiya, again I find RC more rewarding as the process is fairly quick and the result can be thrashed accordingly.

  • Some of things I’ve seem achieved via airbrushing is amazing! Some serious skills. The painting side is what’s always slightly put me off of going all in with some of the more technical war related models.

  • I’ve never actually gotten very much into rc but can definitely see how the process would be rewarding.

    I find the slower paced drawn out process of static models therapeutic, taking the time sanding and polishing up each piece before moving onto the next. At the time what feels like menial work ends up with a lovely model haha!

  • Indeed, my old school mate not only did the camo artwork but scorch marks, bullet holes, even the decals in lieu of water transfers. The cockpit paint job he did on a large scale harrier jump jet was truly awesome. He was kind enough to paint my Sikorsky (S-76 from memory) helicopter in desert camo before I built it. It was a pro paint job for sure.

    We lost touch after secondary school (1984), I reckon he went on to build models for a living, heavily influenced by sci-fi back in the day. Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars space craft were his passion too.

  • I’ve been carting an unbuilt 1:72 XB-70 kit from house to house for decades. It will never get built because 1] I’ll totally balls it up and 2] probably graft a trebuchet onto it when drunk. But 3] no you can’t have it.

  • Did loads as a kid (not very well) and decided to take it up again about 8 years ago.

    Then stopped again. Been carting this lot around unbuilt from house to house since then. Should really make a decision what to do with them all.

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  • How much for the A10??? If you decide to shift it of course. ☺️

  • That's impressive, top trumps my collection :). I had a quick Google and how much these cost new now.... Blimey!

  • Loving the super tomcat!

  • Even on some of the slightly 1/48 kits the cockpits are so small, can’t believe the detail people can get into them. All the different marks you mention, I need to keep in mind for my attempts!

    The way you speak sounds almost like folk lore of the pro camo model painter ;)

    Sound like he knew what he was good at then!

  • The 1/48 F15 cockpit on my hasegawa model seemed huge, I just wondered when the real plane was designed the fuselage was designed as a two seater from the outset and the single seater just had lots of room. From way back I have built a Mustang and thar seemed to have a big cockpit too..

  • The Harrier Jumpjet cockpit was probably 1/48. But he had the whole plane too to build, this was the level of detail inside.

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  • I’ve had a few drinks by this point, could take this as a real cockpit. Amazing detail

  • Just wow!

  • I loved Airfix kits as a kid, wasn't great at making them but I loved them all the same... In my mid teens I really got into Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, mainly because of the cover of Junkyard by the Birthday Party, and I lusted after the 60s Revell kits...

    They reissued them in the 90s but I managed to miss those as well. Would still love to have one or two of the sets, dunno where I'd put them when they were built but who cares??

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  • Yes photograph of a real cockpit. Imagine painting all that by hand /brush

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Scale Models General - (Tamiya, Gunpla, Airfix, Etc…)

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