• Hello,

    I've had this frame and forks since 2013, the seat post was realised seized around 2016/17. Having tried exhausted most of all the known methods, i recently used the caustic soda method which worked very well, however unfortunately there was some paint loss.

    As you can see a new post now goes in well and good, and the frame is sound; perhaps ideal for a respray, or dry weather old racer/eroica build.

    pearl and blue colour

    I think Columbus SL tubing

    It is stamped 58, but 56cm c-c, with 56cm c-c top tube.

    Included is the Stronglight A9 headset with one spare bearing.

    Also included is the Tifosi BB that i previously used, no issues with that.

    I feel i have to apologise for the paint loss, i'm glad though it's now a functioning frame again.

    If anyone is interested, the attached reflective decals used to say 'Piet Nizet'.

    the rear dropout is 130mm, which has been mentioned previously that this frame may have originally had 126 or 120 mm dropout width.

    Based in Glasgow, happy to post - i have a bike box adapted for the frame.

    pics - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1­MDyesRcsbTUmDA2SEYUP77zBOorNDqci?usp=sha­ring

    looking at £240

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  • What if God rode a Batavus?
    Just a pearly blue Batavus..

    apologies, couldn't resist. Frame is beautiful, have a bump on me

  • thanks.. £200..

  • £180 ... last punt before the bay.


Batavus Professional circa '84 - 56cm square frameset with Stronglight A9 headset

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