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  • mmbop vs apolocalypse

    first round 8-0
    ali 3
    plumer 3
    max 2

    second round 5-0

    plumer 3
    max 2

  • Sorry already posted

  • Buzz Kill vs Rule No. 1

    First match: 3-0

    Second match: 4-1


  • Crossdressers v Chillum: 5-0, 5-0

    @Chuckles score has been flipped btw - Chillum (aka late to the party) won that

  • (repost of the same scores)

  • Hot Mess V Luxury Dingle

    Game 1-

    Chukker 5
    Ziemek 1
    Louie (sub) 4

    Game 2-

    Louie (sub) 1
    Chukker 6
    Ziemek 1

    Callum 1

  • mandem vs buzzkill

    first game

    tony 2
    saul 1

    second game

    adam 3


    cam 2

  • Thanks for reffing Benji. Think I only had 1 goal in the last game and pretty sure Jono got a goal.

  • Yeah, an old fashioned pea roller through a bb on the non-mallet side. Was it 5-3 in the end?

  • I belive it was 6 -3 not 5-3

  • SATURDAY 11TH DEC - Now at Newington Gardens

    • Big Boys vs. Too Busy To Play (~11am)
    • Double Crossers vs. Too Busy To Play (~1pm)
    • Big Boys vs. Luxury Dingle (~noon)
    • Luxury Dingle vs. Too Busy To Play (~2pm)
    • Buzz Kill vs. Too Busy To Play (~3pm)

    Timings via Dany subject to change, with room for throw-ins.

  • Buzz Kill are not available this weekend, sorry.

  • So Nico scored all the goals, i.e. Chillum Party won both games?

  • Finally got the League Table updated (see post #1). Please have a look and let me know if anything looks out of order. Match outcomes are listed in post #2.

    Need scores for these matches:

    Buzz Kill v Humpty Humps
    Mmmbop v Mandem

    The matches below are due to be scheduled by 2 Jan

    Big Boys v Tutus
    Crossdressers v Too Timid To Slay
    Chillum v Apolocalypse Meow
    Rule No 1 v Maladroit Malleteers
    Hot Mess v Mmmbop
    Crossdressers v Tutus
    Rule No 1 v Too Timid To Slay
    Maladroit Malleteers v Apolocalypse Meow

  • mandem vs mmmbop

    first game 5-3

    adam 2
    saul 2
    matty 3

  • mandem vs mmmbop

    mandem vs mmmbop
    Saul 4

    Lou 1

    Plumber 2
    Max 1

  • @SteadyCam, what are the reasons? This is a date that all 3 of you marked as available in the planner I shared and I confirmed later with Tony.

  • Jono can't make it.

  • Do you have it in writing though?

  • Not sure this is an adequate response, user 96081 is pissed!

  • Has the round even been released yet?

  • This was my fault. I had to move a weekend trip to do some DIY in Devon because we played last Friday (rearranged game). Sorry, I love Doodle, but we filled that in on 15th November and I only heard about Saturday being a possibility earlier this week (3 weeks later).

    I can do any day really, but usually need a bit of notice. A Doodle 'option' is not a confirmed date to play, etc.

  • I'll disagree and say it is.

    It's binding once both sides agreed to play.

  • By that logic we had a dozen games scheduled in doodle?

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League XIV chat

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