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  • @Beagle you got the scores from Chillum Party vs TTTS?

  • Apoloclypt vs tutus

    1st game
    tutus 6 - 1 apoloclypt
    JH 6

    Loz 1

    2nd game

    JH 3
    Danielto 1
    danny 1

    tutus 5 - 0 apoloclypt

  • 22/03/22 Big Boyz vs RuleNo.1

    Game 1:
    Collin X 2
    Rodders X 3

    Game 2:
    Rodders X 5
    Beagle x2

  • Round 6 has been released. Apologies for the delay. The window remains the same: 1 April – 30 April.

    This is the penultimate round. The end of the league remains the same: 30 May. All games must be played before then.

  • Only 2 matches got played in March, and zero of the Round 5 (March matches) got played. Shit be seriously stacking up. The end of the League on 31 May is approaching quickly.

    3-months overdue matches
    Crossdressers v Too Timid To Slay
    Crossdressers v Tutus
    Rule No 1 v Too Timid To Slay

    2-months overdue matches
    Buzz Kill v Mmmbop
    Crossdressers v Luxury Pringle
    Rule No 1 v Tutus
    Apolocalypse Meow v Too Timid To Slay
    Crossdressers v Big Boys
    Chillum Party v Mmmbop
    Rule No 1 v Luxury Pringle
    Apolocalypse Meow v Tutus
    Too Timid To Slay v Humpty Humps

    1-month overdue matches
    Hot Mess v Crossdressers
    Chillum Party v Buzz Kill
    Apolocalypse Meow v Luxury Pringle
    Humpty Humps v Tutus
    Rule No 1 v Crossdressers
    Maladroit Malleteers v Buzz Kill
    Apolocalypse Meow v Big Boys
    Humpty Humps v Luxury Pringle

    Overdue matches
    Maladroit Malleteers v Chillum Party
    Apolocalypse Meow v Crossdressers
    Too Timid To Slay v Buzz Kill
    Humpty Humps v Big Boys
    Tutus v Mmmbop
    Mandem v Luxury Pringle
    Hot Mess v Maladroit Malleteers
    Apolocalypse Meow v Rule No 1
    Too Timid To Slay v Chillum Party
    Humpty Humps v Crossdressers
    Tutus v Buzz Kill
    Mandem v Big Boys
    Luxury Pringle v Mmmbop

  • Big Boyz vs RuleNo.1
    Game 1:
    Collin X 2
    Rodders X 3
    Game 2:
    Rodders X 5
    Beagle x2

    Maladroit Malletteers Vs Rule No 1
    First game 0-9
    Ben Rod 5
    Colin 3
    Beagle 1
    Second game 2-9
    George 1
    Own Goal 1
    Ben Rod 4
    Colin 3
    Beagle 2

  • Hot Mess v Humpty Humps
    27 April

    Hot Mess v Crossdressers
    29 April

  • Humpty humps vs Hot mess
    (With Mark Hill tweets)

    Game about to start: "Chukker this should be fun." Benji making sure the ball is good enough.

    2-0 to Woody's team. Chukker: "we've got to play the hardest we've ever played... 110%"

    3-2 Chukkers pep talk is working

    4-3 first game. Like man city Madrid here

    Felix 3
    Woody 1

    Ziemek 2
    Chukker 1

    2-0. Not looking good for real Madrid

    4-0. Meal Radrid struggling


    Benji scored every goal. Even the own goals. Shame he can't deny it.

    Felix 2
    Benji 3
    Woody 2

    Chukker 1


    Game 1

    Hot Mess (7)
    Ziemek 3
    Chukker 4

    Double Raspberries (1)


    Game 2

    Hot Mess (5)
    Chukker 2
    Ziemek 2

    Double Raspberries (1)

  • Mother of Dragons (RNo.1) VS. Hot Mess

    • Game 1 (6-4)
      Rodders x4
      Ziemek x2
    • Game 2 (6-2)
      Rodders x3
      Mya x2
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League XIV chat

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