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  • too busy vs big boys
    first game

    lex 2


    dany 3
    josh 2

    Second game results:

    Too busy to play- 7


    Big boys- 1


  • dingle va big oy


    jess 2
    lex 3
    matt own goal


    jess 3
    lex 6

  • mmmbop vs too busy

    first game

    miles 4


    second game

    josh 3
    miles 3

  • It's binding once both sides agreed to play.

    IF there's an agreement to play it's binding.

  • Someone is desperate for a forfeit.

  • Oh hi Iian!

    Leave the ad hominem comments by the door please...

  • @JonoMarshall that is some serious miscommunication then, as the date was chosen right after you filled it. We don’t have a lot of availability so getting scheduled far in advance is a must for TTTs. I’ll reach out to all players of the team in the future, instead of a single player.

    PS- the doodle is non-binding, it’s there to see people’s availability and find a date before schedules are filled.
    Also, I am not pissed. :D

  • luxury dingle vs too busy to play:
    think it was LD 0-9 TBTP first game and LD 1-11 TBTP in the second.

    matt was the solitary scorer for us.
    unless someone recorded it at the time, i'll let josh, dany and miles debate their credits.

  • Gah, sorry if I've dropped the ball, I don't have anything in WhatsApp and tend to use this thread as gospel.

  • you guys should forfeit as there is no real stakes in this league anyway, its just for the pleasure of pkaying against a pre established team.

    so if one team is square enough to ask for it you should forfeit, one less game to ref tbh

  • Hello there, I used to play with the London Polo Crew a while back and am here now for a visit. It would be great to play some bike polo, so if anyone needs a substitute I would be keen to give it a go again!

  • *club, gulp.

  • Yes I still have a club, although we used to call them mallets :)

  • That'll do. Take the place of all four members of Luxury Dingle, if you like. We could do with the help.

  • Super, thanks :)

  • Catfish.

  • Big time catfish 😘

  • Apologies for the radio silence.

    If we continue with original schedule, without adding any additional break for xmas or omicron, the league is scheduled to finish on 30 May. It has always ended by June. So MComm proposes the following:

    We continue with the current schedule and we continue to only release two matches per round, in order to keep things structured. We will relax on forfeits and, as normal, we will allow teams to play ahead of schedule if they want. But please prioritise scheduling with matches that have been released and please try to finish them within the round if possible. Thanks.

  • I have updated the League Table. Let me know if anything doesn’t look right.

    Round 3 has been released.

    These games are overdue or I need stats for them:

    Big Boys v Tutus
    Buzz Kill v Humpty Humps: Fri 3rd, Mitch
    Crossdressers v Too Timid To Slay
    Chillum v Apolocalypse Meow
    Rule No 1 v Maladroit Malleteers
    Hot Mess v Mmmbop
    Crossdressers v Tutus
    Rule No 1 v Too Timid To Slay
    Maladroit Malleteers v Apolocalypse Meow

  • Hot Mess v Big Boys
    Thurs 13 Jan

    Hot Mess v Mmmbop
    Weds 26 Jan

  • Hot Mess vs Big Boys

    Game 1
    Hot Mess: 1 - Big Boys: 3

    Game 2
    Hot Mess: 2 - Big Boys: 3

  • Late to party (Chillum) v Apolocalypse Meow - Thursday 20th at Newtington

  • Buzz kill vs humpty hump

    first game 2 - 1

    Jono 2

    Felix 1

    Second game 5 - 1

    Cam 3
    Jono 1
    Tony 1

    Felix 1

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League XIV chat

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