OT: Office-y type things/Apple/Jabra/Herman Miller

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  • @mbretton

    Did you sell the monitors?

    How much for the chair?

  • I've got a few still - if you would like one feel free to pop me DM. Not 100% on the chair price yet, will need to give it a proper check for wear/quality etc. But if there's appetite for it I can put it up, just wasn't sure if it was a bit specialist for here, haha.

  • Added another Jabra unit, Dell monitor, Apple keyboard and Gaming mechanical keyboard

  • 7 - USB-C>Apple Thunderbolt - £5 > £3

    Could you send me a picture of this please? Just need to be sure it’s what I think I need.

  • Added Herman Miller chair

  • Added another Jabra

  • I've no idea what market rates for the chair are but I've always wanted one... feel free to PM me what you've got in mind etc when you know!

  • Added a dinged monitor

  • The non-dinged one is fab, thanks again :)

  • 1 Jabra sold, so now only 1 left

    1. Added 3 x Dell 23" Monitor
    2. Dropped price of above £50 > £45
    3. Apple wireless keyboard sold
    4. Jabra sold
    5. Price added for Herman Miller
  • Added a BEAST of a printer

  • Removed pics of sold items and added Logitech conferencing system

  • Dropped price on the Kyocera laser printer by £50

  • Dropped a tenner on the mechanical keyboard...also willing to listen to offers on it all as it's Black Friday ;)

  • Dropped the Herman Miller by £50

  • Mechanical keyboard, 1 x Dell 23" monitor and IKEA speaker sold

  • Added a Dell UltraSharp 24" monitor and reduced the laser printer by £150. Will listen to offers on it all (would rather not sell through eBay!)

  • Dell 24 UltraSharp Monitor: U2415 - Dell / Amazon - Originally sold to hippy but the courier kindly dinged it so I gave him another...£45?

    Any pics showing how it was dinged?

  • Hey - there is a pic on the thread here showing the section of the screen were the bump has killed the pixels - I'd say it's roughly about 4cm in width at it's widest. Ping me if you want any more pics

  • Ah overlooked it - such a shame. I love 16:10 monitors.

  • Dropped the Herman Miller to £450

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OT: Office-y type things/Apple/Jabra/Herman Miller

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