Can I run a front rack on a carbon fork?

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  • Hi all,

    I have a pair of Condor Piaggio carbon forks, and would like to run my Pizza Rack on them, with the aid of an axle connected mounting kit. My concern is if carbon forks can take the stress of loads that I might carry on the rack and whether or not this would be mitigated by the weight being taken by the axle rather than the forks themselves. Thanks for any advice!

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  • On my work bike I have a cetma rack (mounts to handle bar and axle) on carbon forks. I'm still alive.

  • Glad to hear that. In my case the other mount would be to the brake mount on the fork, so I'm wary that'll be be putting extra stress on the forks too. Fingers crossed they can take it.

  • that'll be be putting extra stress on the forks too

    That'll be (more or less) the only place it will be putting any stress on the forks.
    The weight of the rack and luggage will sit on the axle and go through the wheel.

  • Given I won't be carrying loads of bricks, would you think that would be too much stress?

  • I'm not qualified to say.
    I probably wouldn't do it myself but that's not based on any actual knowledge of such things

  • Fair enough :-)

  • I used a rack on this fork for a while, didn't die. Mounted through the brake hole and then on the end of the QR. Figured most of the weight was in the QR that already has to be strong enough for a heavy rider.

    Maybe you already own that rack but am considering one of these to avoid loading on the fork..

  • Good one, thanks for the tip.

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Can I run a front rack on a carbon fork?

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