Weight weenie dream tourer

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  • @Squaredisk Never tried a trailer. But wouldn't the bike be lugged down even more? A Yak weighs 19 lbs FFS. And the weight of the bags doesn't reduce just because they're in a trailer.

  • I saw the vid where the cat adopts him. It was a tiny little thing in the middle of nowhere. Probably dumped by someone. It chose him and was v persistent. Similar scenario with my cat. (Except in a busy market, obvs. And she was pretty much fully grown.)

  • Maybe. But it would look cool. Plus after you pitch your tent you can unhook the trailer and enjoy the unladen bike easily. Touring for months means you would have some weight, I don't think you can escape that. On longer tours I get bogged down at times with extra food, water and stuff accumulated. The weight starts to matter less when you get into the groove of things and you are busy enjoying it.

  • A Yak weighs 19 lbs FFS

    That is not the correct value (there is a mistake on the manufacturer's website), a BOB Yak actually weighs 6.1kg (13.5lb).

    If you are willing to consider an aluminium alloy single-wheel trailer then the Toppeak Journey weighs 4.85 kg (10.7 lb).

    An advantage of the trailer arrangement is that all you need to change is the QR skewer on your current bike, which can remain relatively lightweight in construction as it will share the weight with the trailer. Though some higher volume tyres, improved brakes, etc. would make sense.

  • Can vouch that cycling with a cat (8 week old kitten found by the side of the road in Missouri) is doable, if challenging - I zip tied a pet crate to the rear rack and stuffed it with towels for padding. The kitten only complained a little bit, and if I wasn’t in the sticks I’d probably have done something better. My main lesson was in managing heat - she definitely struggled to keep cool on the move. Good luck - following!

  • Here is the beast in question. Still no pics of her on the bike. Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey.

  • looks deeply unimpressed with the fact you bought her dog food....

  • Well spotted! I failed to read the label.

  • Hahah awesome!

  • strong whisker game - i wish my ear hair looked that cool

  • All our cats back in Oz ate dog food because they're cats, they don't know the difference.

    I may have also eaten the dog food, because I was child, I didn't know the difference.

  • I remember it being very spicy

  • This thread is amazing, so much to cover but the delayed cat photo release is an absolute masterstoke, had me on the edge of my seat (or would have done if I wasn’t practicing mindfulness in the bath #noteuph)

  • I failed to read the label.

    Wasn't the picture of the dog a clue?

  • Wasn't the picture of the dog a clue?

    Looks exactly like his cat and his bike.

  • Wasn't the picture of the dog a clue?

    Don’t think animals can ‘see’ pictures.

  • the weight of the bags doesn't reduce just because they're in a trailer.

    Yes, yes it does. Sorta. It certainly rides completely differently, pulling weight on a third wheel.

  • Of course. How silly of me.

  • When I was a kid my aunt and uncle were staying with us in France. They loved a bargain and spotted some meat in the supermarket they thought was exceptional value. So they bought it and made a stew.

    Later my mum walks into the kitchen and sees an empty packet of dog food on the worktop. They hadn't clocked the picture of the dog on the side.

    They gave the stew to a confused neighbour with a dog. Who just assumed it was some sort of weird British love of animals thing.


  • A trailer is 100% the way to go.

    There is nothing else that will transport stuff + cat and give you to opportunity to have a nice road bike to ride nice roads.

    It's similar to the brief of dammit's time machine.

  • Then explain pets watching the telly pls.

  • Having the cat on the front looks way more cozy & fun though.

  • movement


  • I need science.

  • It has a big picture of a dog on it.

    This doesn’t bode well.

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Weight weenie dream tourer

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