Weight weenie dream tourer

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  • No punctures yet, but I carry Orange Seal.

  • can the cat pedal?

  • Personally I'd go for slimming the cat down!

  • That's been tried. I've been fat-shaming her for a year by sticking her weight chart on the fridge door, calling her 'fatso' repeatedly, etc. She doesn't care.

  • You could save weight by using cat paws as aero bars:

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  • Pics of the cat please!

  • #rep forever
    a new photoshop challenger appears for @Tijs :--)

  • I won't do it like that madman who sleeps on a scrap of bubble wrap. http://ultralightcycling.blogspot.com/

    Well I learned a new word today: larpourlartistic

    Back to the subject of your many-months of touring, I'm curious to know whether carrying a cat on your bike increases or decreases the number of feral dogs that choose to chase you down when passing. Suppose the lightweight bike will help with the required turn of pace to escape

  • Today's project report: bought catnip with which to entice the cat to sit in a bar bag. If successful there may be a pic later.

    Time to let the cat out of the bag…assuming you got the cat in the bag in the first place.
    Evidence please!

  • This is a worry. Some Americans glue a plastic cover on each claw.

    Not a good idea, IMHO. As you will be taking your cat into territory belonging to other cats, dogs and foxes, some of whom will be dangerous, you don't want to take away its defences. Likewise, it is not unknown for cats to go wandering and get lost, so at least she would have some means to hunt until (hopefully) found. I had folks I knew in northern Greece who brought their cat camping and it liked that particular mountain so much that it could not be found when they left. One year later when they went back their cat came running up to see them, having survived on hunting alone.

    It is also worth training her to used a harness and leash, so that you have some more control when there are other folk, dogs etc. around. Mine enjoys going out for walks at dusk, when he feels less threatened by a new environment such as a campsite.

  • I was pretty sure it was @tynan when

    Touring on spendy carbon roadie
    Wheels with carbon kevlar bonded spokes
    A groupset that needs charging

    But glueing plastic covers to each claw? Too obvious

  • I absolutely love this!

    Please tell us you are planning to tour some developing countries with large uninhabited regions

  • I'm assuming you know this laddy on Instagram...


    I've been going for a weight weenie-ish touring set up but less mad and less cats. Really impressed with the Tailfin aero pack, not tried it with the thruaxle on my carbon TCR but have no qualms about it being spot on in that set up too. I've got a couple of the 5L mini panniers for it to force carrying less somewhat.

    Again, no cat. :(

    P.S. Being new to the whole light weight touring game its amazing and also sometimes concerning how much space the bare essentials for multi week/month touring add up. Even with some of the smallest and lightest gear on the market.

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  • What a wonderful thread.

    There is absolutely no way in the world that either of our cats would be down for camping. Pretty sure they would totally panic the whole time (they are wimps tbf).

    Sounds like you need Kitten Mittens for inside the tent.

  • I wouldn't dream of doing that to a cat. That's why I posted a link to a page of reasons not to.

    A harness/leash is essential for the reason you describe.

    Will also look into a cat-wearable GPS tracker.

  • That must be the most pro-cycling cat ever. It started as a tiny motherless kitten, and it has such a lot of faith in the guy as its replacement mother. The bond between me and my cat is similar, although we didn't meet until she was about 8 months old and living in a market. She likes travelling because of the ever-changing view. Her favourite is the bus - the view out of the window just blows her little mind.

    As you say, the touring essentials just keep adding up to more weight and bulk. Your rig looks superb. Do you have tent etc in there? How much weight does the load add to the bike?

  • Fantastic! So good that I need it on a t-shirt!

  • I used to carry a a Zefal hpx frame pump https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/pumps/size-1­-zefal-hpx-pump-black/- The valve lock thingy is metal. Probably v painful when I whacked a bad dog on the head.

  • Use a Bob Yak trailer for all the gear and carry the cat somehow up front on a converted pizza rack. That is your compromise. Anything else and you are lugging down the bike with the weight + a huge puss.

  • As far as I am aware his cat is a stray from one of the countries he was cycling through.

    Tent, sleeping pad and a few other incidentals are in the handlebar bag. (Apidura Expedition 14L)

    I haven't weighed everything, the kit isn't finished. I am envisaging a frame bag and potentially fork bags, extra bottle on the under side.

    Not sure I want to know what the weight is actually, it doesn't FEEL l any more sluggish than my unloaded Genesis Tour de Fer with the set up pictured. I know that my sleeping set up (Tent, pad, sleeping bag) is just a shade over 2.8kg which I'm more than happy with.

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Weight weenie dream tourer

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