Weight weenie dream tourer

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  • I'm not lion to you, I have a feline this build could end catastrophically.

  • This thread was purrfect but you had to ruin it with puns.

  • An admirable task you've set yourself, but can I ask why you have to take your cat?

  • Touring with a cat sounds more bonkers than the bike part of it

  • So I'm thinking I could make a Dyneema tent

    Having camped with a cat, I suggest you make the tent floorless like an MLD Duomid. Then you can have a separate groundsheet that is easy to replace or tape over with duct tape (e.g., a sheet of Tyvek) when your cat stretches its claws and cuts the material -- as it will. Likewise I would avoid inflatable camping mats for similar reasons.

  • claws

    Yeah I'd have those off too.

  • I genuinely want to be proved wrong, but I'm sceptical about this assumption.

    She hasn't tried cycling yet, but I reckon she'll love it

  • You must be kitten... after paws for thought you'll hopefully see the forum would have been cheetah'd out of extra a-miaow-sement were it not for these puns.

  • Wants light, aero bike but cant use drop bars and needs to carry cat. Genuinely funny.

  • What's wrong with not having drop bars?

  • Thread could do with some cat pictures.

  • Crazy build! But I'm interested to see how it'll work out. How are those calipers?

  • They work well and they don't need constant adjustment. They require more travel from my Sram levers than the Sram calipers. After you've achieved max stopping power you can carry on squeezing the lever because the arms are so bendy. You can look down and see them changing shape. The arms get closer to the wheel and the legs go towards the ground. It's like an optical illusion. Probably best if I don't do it any more. There have been reports of failures. So I'm not sure how much life to expect from them. I disassembled one, and some of the parts look a bit on the flimsy side.

    I suspect some of the failures are people not installing them right. The 'How to use the micro cam' bit is crucial. https://www.lekki8.com/instructions

  • This is a worry. Some Americans glue a plastic cover on each claw. https://nationalcatgroomers.com/nail-cap­-myths/ I'll start with a Dyneema floor and try to train her to scratch on something else before I've used too much of the special Dyneema repair tape. She really does try to do what I ask, if she understands. Most of her claw sharpening is done on the carpet in front ot the neighbour's door.

  • No alternative. I want to tour for months on end, and the cat and I miss each other after half a day apart.

  • Too heavy, and the cat has to be in front of me so we can communicate.

  • 1 or 2. And a sewing kit. The spokes are more like struts really. They don't break unless something fairly catastrophic happens.

  • This got me curious; do you approach all things in life like this bike? What a life that must be.

  • Today's project report: bought catnip with which to entice the cat to sit in a bar bag. If successful there may be a pic later.

  • This seems like a job for an Omnium Mini Max or something. I love that your throwing a custom Parlee at it, and will be following with great interest!

    That said, looking at the brakes and rims I’m a teeny bit concerned at the thought of you and your cat going down a mountain pass in the rain fully laden.

    Regardless, cat pics are essential. Need to get a feel for this guy’s lust for life.

  • I've always wanted to try a pair of meilensteins or even be lucky enough own a pair I've got a bike crying out for some. As far as spokes/struts go I'm still sulking from cracking my trispoke the other week on a pothole.

  • There are some bargains around - people are dumping Lightweights for cheap if they are for rim brakes and tubs. That's how I got mine. They're pretty safe to buy used because damage is obvious and they can't be trued or have spokes replaced except at the factory. And people tend to save them for best...they end up selling them with almost no miles on them.

  • I'll keep half an eye out. I missed out on some clinchers on here last summer which is what I'd prefer but I'd probably take a pair of tubs for the right price and keep them for special occasions. Have you used the pit stop cans for punctures? I was surprised how effective they were when i used to ride tubs.

  • people are dumping Lightweights for cheap if they are for rim brakes and tubs. That's how I got mine.

    Hold on... you're going to tour on tubs?

  • tour for months on end

    flimsy brakes known for catastrophic failures


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Weight weenie dream tourer

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