Is my chain too tight?

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  • Fitted a new one, resized it few links smaller.

    I know its tight, but not sure how much leeway there is in chain tension.
    Shifts with0ut issue but worried it might cause me issues further down the line.

    Pic attached of it in the big ring (its a compact)

    Should I start again or leave it be?

  • It'll work, but it'll likely be noisier than your previous setup.

  • The heel will probably mask that

  • Pic attached of it in the big ring (its a compact)

    You're not going to be in that gear too often, hopefully. So not really a problem. Next time I'd cut it a few links longer, yes.

  • It doesn't look particularly happy but if it shifts up and down to that sprocket without issue and if it doesn't sound bad when spinning then it should be fine. I've found Sram often does better with a chain slightly tighter than Shimano anyway.

  • If that's 50/28 and the chainstays are 42cm per Domane 4 geometry chart, the Park tool formula says chain s/b 54 inches editted­p/chain-length-sizing

  • There is a simple check on Sheldon Brown's website: "thread the chain onto the large/large combination, without running it through the rear derailer. Mesh the two ends on to the large chainwheel so that one complete link (one inch, -- one inner and one outer half-link) overlaps. In almost all cases, this will give the optimum length"

    This method is also shown in a BikeRide video here:­TJw&t=44s

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Is my chain too tight?

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