FOUND LF a pair of 29er wheels disc and MAXXIS 29 tyres

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  • aye, before firing a buy on the hunt website, I thought I may ask here.
    I require a good pair for my new project, which need to be posted to Birmingham.
    Specs needed:

    disc with either 6 bolts or CL
    148×12 (REAR); 110×15 (FRONT) (don't need the axles)
    Planning to have front 2.4 and rear 2.3 so internal width diam could work from >=25/27 onward
    Shimano 12s micro spline
    not fussy in terms of spokes count (>=28h)
    with or without tyres
    please less than 2kg
    possibly without stickers or destickerable

    That's are my first ever MTB wheels so the budget is limited (region 150-200£?)

    I do accept advice on websites too (except hunt which is already on my bookmarks :P).


  • I bought a set from these guys pre-Brexit:

    Ordering was good, they were pretty chatty over messages and helped me get to the right thing. I went for DT370s with Alex rims, not the most exciting but at least the hubs are well sealed and I needed Boost QR with Microspline which seriously restricted the options. Nice that I can reuse them by changing the end caps in future too. Cost £189 back then and the decals were easy to remove from the rims. Can't remember the weight exactly but I do remember being pleasantly surprised coming off XT hubs with Kinlin TL23 rims so probably just <2kg. I run 2.25 & 2.4.

    Worth a look anyhow if you ask me, they've been absolutely bombproof. The options you want are available here (boost/30mm/microspline):­wiss-Enduro-370-Alex-Rims-EX-30-29-Endur­o-/324242158977?var=&hash=item7783f7bdad­

  • Thank you!

  • No worries. FWIW the guy in my LBS (big MTB shop) says he sees a lot of Hunt MTB wheels coming in after about 12 months. Probably massive generalisation but FYI. That said he also doesn't like the DT370 hubs but I know this is because he likes the star ratchet on their better hubs and can't see why anyone would not choose those. He does like the DT sealing system with the two lips though, best out there. I think that for the money these are great.

  • I had experience with Hunt on my sort-of-audax bike and they are great but ofc everything is different on MTB which I've zero experience...

    these are great but also wondering how brexit/custom might work in the final price :(

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  • probably I found the wheels..

    any maxxis tyres for XC ?
    2.4 front, 2.25 rear.

  • found the tyres but not the wheelset :(

  • Nothing to sell, but just a second happy customer of fitwheelseu, he was very chatty and helpful and the wheels I ordered (dt 350 with XM481 rims) have been flawless. I ordered directly from his website, but you can use ebay too.

  • Any custom/Brexit bad experience?

  • Sorry I can't help with that, I ordered them to where I live... in Oslo

  • Thanks Urbs :)

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  • There were some sealing issues with early Hunt hubs, they're fine now, free hub is pretty loud if that's your thing. I've got 2 pairs and I've had them for about 3 years now, only maintenance I've done is service the free hub, not that that really needed it, I just had them open.

  • Thanks @Dogs!

    I have hunt on my Audax and after a rad summer trip I can vouch for them… but I would like to source something cheaper for the MTB… at least as a first pair!

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FOUND LF a pair of 29er wheels disc and MAXXIS 29 tyres

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