Not sure how to swap from TA to QR on Hunt Superdura?

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  • Broke too many spokes on the rear wheel of my commuter bike. While said wheel is being repaired, I'm trying to fit the Superdura wheel from the good bike on the commuter.

    For that, I need to swap the Superdura from TA to QR. Problem is that I bought them second-hand, the seller included a bunch of doodads but no user manual, Hunt tutorials are kinda vague, and I'd like to know if I actually need to strip the hub completely to change the axle.

    Here is what I'm working with :
    Drive side

    Non-drive side

    And this is what I believe are the adapters?

    The adapters fit on the end caps as is, but then the hub ends up being at least (totally eyeballing it here) 1 cm too large.

    All I could find on Hunt's website was this video but it looks like none of the parts they're showing look remotely like my (alleged) adapters. Not sure if I have a v1 or v2 Superdura as well.

    Any idea on how to proceed?

  • Can't help with the issue but I would contact Hunt, their customer service is good.

  • Can't help with specifics but some hubs you will just swap endcaps whereas some hubs will need a new axle, ie.

    This is the JRA QR axle that I had to swap out for their TA axle.

    The QR axle in this pic (ignore the Traxle) is available btw. So if you need a QR axle and this fits...

    JRA using Bitex hubs: "bitex-rear-disk-qr-conversion"

    Their instructions: "Stick a 5mm allen key in each end, and unscrew. The axle will slide out, then push in the new one and tighten the end cap. Ideally add some loctite to the thread to stop the end cap coming loose because if it does, it will eventually cause the axle to break."

  • Thanks both for your help! I asked Hunt directly as @farewell suggested, they confirmed that what I have aren't the right adapters, I need a whole axle, basically. They also told me my wheels are Superdura V1, if anybody with the same problem stumbles upon this thread.

    Thanks @hippy for the offer, but this is just a temporary replacement while the other wheel is getting fixed, it'll probably arrive too late (I'm in mainland Europe)! I've been riding the nice bike with a backpack, and it's been ok so far.

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Not sure how to swap from TA to QR on Hunt Superdura?

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