Standert Standert read all about it

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  • Well spotted. I drilled two holes in the frame and fitted rivets for some cannondale cable guides. Front mech is just on a clamp on bracket but due to low bottle cage mounts. you can only go big 53t what I have or 46t chainring without hitting the cage.

  • Great thread and fantastic title! OK, here's my triebwerk out and about

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  • Very nice bike!
    But... I don't get what's special about the thread title. :D
    Care to explain?

  • There's a London newspaper called the Evening Standard, and when people used to sell it (it is now free) there was a well-known shout from the sellers to attract buyers - 'Standard, Standard, read all about it' or similar.

  • Nice one... what size have you got... 56?

  • 58 although top tube is 56 and I had the headtube shortened 10mm. Geo is a bit different to current models

  • So yours will have hilarious amounts of toe over lap like mine then. ( it’s only been an issue once, first ride) Nice hack for the mech btw.

  • Not had an issue with me toes mind but yeah. Etap would have worked as well with a 46/35 chainset they do, but more dollar bills and Sram rival is just fine for racing and crashing

  • The chap I got mine from had run DA with a full outer cable, but Liz and I have 14 bikes between us and not a front mech in sight, still good to know for when my knees die ;)

  • Ok. Makes sense now. Great thread title indeed! :D
    Thanks for the explanation.

  • Finally picked up my serviced wheels so popped them in and went for a spin, just a nice as I remember:)

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  • The new Kreissäge is showcased tomorrow with new colour ways. Anyone else looking to buy one? I probably will 😂

  • I've been thinking about it, but not sure what my new bike plan is yet.

  • I’ve got a pfadfinder on the way. Anyone know what length bolts I’ll need for flat mount callipers with 160mm adapters?

  • I might have the bolts and adapter you need from my old Pfadfinder. You can have them for a beer or two, but they're at my parents so it won't be quick.

  • Thanks for the offer. I’d need them posted though as I’m not in London.

  • this might be an odd question but I'm new to disc road/off road bikes... I'm thinking of consolidating all bikes into one 'do it all bike'... a Ritchey Road Logic is on the the radar, would a Pfadfinder be a decent contender?

  • Pfadfinder

    better because, guard mounts

  • good shout... cheers!

  • Exactly what I did, have 2 wheel sets and i'm very happy with it.

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  • nice! good to hear, what size is yours?
    I'd be moving from a Parlee limited to 23c and a Moots... love them both but am temped by the frame in the classifieds...

  • I got a 54, i'm 5'10" and fits me well. Can get up to 42 on 650bs without guards

  • I am looking at these two as well. Both great bikes.
    My vote is for the Ritchey. I think the Ritchey probably would feel more lively/ less stiff (which I like) because of the smaller tubes and somewhat steeper headtube angle. But it should depend also on your weight and how strong you are, I guess .

  • Ah, sorry. Just seen your dibs on the Standert in classifieds. Great choise anyway. Hope you can make the deal.

  • Yeah… need to do the sums on what I’d need to build it up with vs cycle to work scheme ritchey off the peg… pretty keen on the Standert…

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Standert Standert read all about it

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