A giant boulder (500)

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  • Gary's Projects has recently bought a Boulder 500, which makes me think that this bike might be cool now. Maybe it was always cool. I just stuck some Maxxis DTH on it, and I thought it's about time I updated this thread.

    In the last 6 months I've taken off the guards, stuck on some wide Renthal bars and a Noswohl stem, took the anodising off a Superstar ring and bought some cheap chainring bolts from a brand called "Snail". I've done some other bits too but I can't really remember everything. Gone from knobby fast rollers to pump track tyres and excited to feel the difference over a weekend of city cruising. I like the knobby look, but the new tyres make it feel like a big BMX.


    I will get around to taking some better photos at some point, but for now enjoy these screenshots I took from a video I sent to Gary himself.




    Yes the stem converter/Noswohl looks SHIT. Any recommendations, I'm all ears. I think it needs to be silver to match the seatpost. I miss the old quill stem look but enjoy using the wide bars, maybe BMX stem and moto bars?

    Off to ride it get some corriander from Co-op

  • These photos really are shit.

  • This bike is bloody rad. Needs some loud pink pedals though.

  • Thanks dude! Pedals are on the list for sure. Silver/pink/red, keeping an eye out. Maybe some coloured cables too.

    Took the wheels off to change the tyres today, felt the bearings were a little rough and the bb isn’t all that smooth. Visuals might need to take a back seat while I give the bike a service.

  • Looks ace. Bar and stem looks sweet as well I think. Went for an XTR rear mech as well hey?

    Get them pedals swapped out asap it it will be the dream.

  • Yes went for the XTR, picked it up for £25 and shifting has been great. Forgot to get back to your last comment! Looked like routing was the issue for the Alivio mech.

    Off to a bike jumble tonight, keeping a beady eye out for pedals!

  • Jumble bore no fruit of the platform variety, but I did get this rather swanky frame bag for a fiver. Looks neat on this bike and will be handy on the roady too.

    My friend Ollie has some ratty white DMR V8s which might undergo a makeover this weekend. I’m stuck on colour, but a trip to Halfords might spark inspiration

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  • This bike is sick!

    Agreed, just pedals needed for the full #cheffskiss

    As for the chunky NOSWOHL, an X2 is slightly more slender, or a slim steel Nitto stem would dovetail perfectly; the outer diameter matches 1” spacers.

  • Seem to have missed this in the CP section - it looks excellent. I’ll keep an eye out for it Locked up in Bristol!

    Don’t think the stem adapter is too offensive personally !

  • A friend has donated these old V8s to the project! A little play in the bearings, but spin nicely. I planned to disassemble, strip and repaint the bodies, service and reassemble. But after spending £19.50 on a socket set from Wilko I find you need a DMR specific tool to remove the axels?

    Anyone in Bristol help a fella out with this? With the socket set (needed to get one anyway) and the tool, I might as well have bought a new set of pedals. Ah well, better to fix what you have!

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A giant boulder (500)

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