• My totally rad Kona Unit frame and fork is up for sale.
    I have too many SSMTBs so this one is flying the nest.
    You get frame, fork, headset, and a stem.

    Great condition, just a few marks in the paint from prior owner's usage.
    Lovely tubeset for a lively dependable ride, all the sensible standards and threads that make it easy to build up with readily available and good value parts.

    Bought recently for £440 so how about £340 picked up in London?
    If it won't sell in London I will consider boxing up and posting to UK/EU.

    Size Large - Reach 453, Stack 594
    All details here - https://konaworld.com/archive/2016/unit.­cfm

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  • Love a Unit! Been looking at replacing my Genesis Longitude for one as I love the simplicity of sliding dropouts but I'd also want to fit a dropper. Is this one of the 27.2 seatpost versions?

  • Thanks!
    Yes it is, the supremely reliable and good value Brand-X droppers fit perfectly.

  • I'll regrettably pass this time but GLWS anway!

  • I don’t suppose you have an idea of the tyre clearance?

  • Hey! I do actually. There's loads.
    The rear can fit a 2.4" and the front I never fitted anything bigger, but I've read online someone fitted a 29x3.0 (!) with a few mm each side to spare.

  • Rad frame. Good price. Almost considering cashing in my Dialled for this... could be a bit big though from the geo charts. Have a bump anyway.

  • Still here. need it gone this week.

    Big price drop to £290, postage to most places totally fine, I have a box.

  • So much want! Hard to get past watching eyes. These frames are so good.

  • Tempted, can't quite make out the dropouts, do they have a gear hanger?

  • hey, yes I've still got them packaged up in the picture.
    this frame has the singlespeed dropouts, so no hanger.
    if you would like dropouts with a hanger you can buy for just 20 quid

  • Price drop - £280

  • SOLD thankyou


FS: Kona Unit Singlespeed 29" MTB F+F, Size Large, Awesome Paint

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