Business travel and Covid

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  • I used Chronomics recently coming back from Spain. Buy and take the test with you, register, do the test. Send picture of the result and 5mins later I had the certificate needed to re enter the UK.

  • Italy for 28 hours is

    Test before
    Check into local area authority
    2 day test when home.

    I haven’t* been advised I need a test in Italy before coming home.

  • That doesn't seem to say that you can't self-test, which does appear to be a gaping loophole, actually. Why risk an expensive quarantine hotel stay in another country when you can just not swab yourself properly?

    Of course the fact that Tory ministers have links to private testing companies is nothing to do with any of this

  • That guidance also says you can take a test in the UK if you're away for less than 3 days.

  • It's not that clear is it! Although if you did self test you need to produce an SMS or letter stating the test circumstances so it heavily implies self test isn't acceptable. Clear as mud.

    Moat people seem to interpret it, as we did, as requiring a locally authorised medical professional test you and provide a digital or printed test result certificate.

  • Just checked the ABTA guidance. You are indeed allowed to self test for your return to UK test but it has to be done via video call with a test provider and they still have to issue the test result certificate by SMS or document.

    Sounds like a right faff to me.

  • All in all it was pretty easy but there were plenty of very stressed people at both airports who had missing/not correct paperwork.

    Same for my flight from Germany. Queues at check in were extremely slow given paperwork had to be entered manually and many had pieces missing.

    Verifly app was very helpful and quick at check in, once I got to the desk.

  • Can confirm a Chronomics self test and Verify (BA app) works.

    Discount codes reduce bundle cost to £79.

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Business travel and Covid

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