Storage options in a damp basement

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  • Does anyone have any good bag/box/Tupperware storage recommendations for keeping things long-term safe in a basement?

    Thank you

  • Odd suggestion I know but the Mormon church have lots of online info about storing food and emergency equipment (blankets etc) long-term. Might be worth a Google.

    Solution depends on what you’re storing I guess.

  • How do you even know that?

  • You'll probably need to tape edges, I used airtight boxes in my old damp basement and the moisture and smell still managed to get in... It was rank... Put your stuff in storage...

  • What are you storing?

  • Buy a dehumidifier

  • ^ This. Transformed my basement flat in 2 weeks.

  • Actual LOL.

  • I lived in a rental flat which had a small downstairs basement, it had two extractor fans running on low constantly, otherwise I think it would have become a mouldy mess.

  • My next flat had a victorian style basement (air bricks/brick floor) do not make the same mistake I made and leave cardboard boxes down there. I had to shovel it all up when moving out haha.

  • Tank it and render over the walls. Put some tiles on top of (first concrete) floor. Ensure ventilation is adequate and if still problems, use dehumidifier as suggested above. Have one in Victorian house and no probs at all.

  • Make sure there isn't a river running under your house before you do all that ^...

    Ask me how I know...

  • Isn't there a Josef Fritzl meme for this sort of question

  • I've now got a (not too damp cellar), I've had a dehumidifier down there with door open to get some airflow.

    One corner just hasn't been drying out, then about three days ago I was a bit worried as the cat hadn't been using her litter tray (thought she might be unwell).

    Anyway, turns out the corner where I thought water was ingressing has actually been my cat taking a fucking piss, and in the opposite corner there was a small pile of shit explaining the recent change in litter tray usage.

  • Fucking cats! Had something similar, thought someone had stinky feet, turned out the cat had been pissing on the door mat. Took all my strength not to strangle the bastard cat there and then.

  • I have a dehumidifier running pretty much permanently in my basement, and an electric oil radiator on at a low level. Ventilation is the key, we were advised to have a fan running too, to keep the air circulating. Unless the basement is tanked properly then you’ll need to do the above at the very least. It does work tho

  • Yeah, mine is not in the good books to say the least, we've been here a month now, going to install a catflap Friday!

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Storage options in a damp basement

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