• Hello,

    posting my Bianchi for sale here before it goes on eBay/marketplace in 1 or two weeks.

    Collection only from Woolwich Arsenal SE18

    Bianchi Via Nirone 7 size 57cm - £550 Bank transfer on collection.

    Amazing bike, quite rare and beautiful colour - on sale just because I recently got a SS Cinelli Mash and I don't use/need gears that much in London.

    The bike is overall in good condition with light marks mainly from locking the bike - as you would expect from a used bike but always well looked after.

    Comes with:

    Shimano Tiagra group set 10 Speed x 2
    Bianchi Reparto Corse brake calipers (front and back)
    Stem: Bianchi Reparto corse
    Seat post: Bianchi Reparto corse
    Genuine Bianchi handlebar tape
    Saddle: I will keep the "Selle San Marco" saddle but I will give you the basic Bianchi saddle black and celeste (not leather) .
    Wheels: Bianchi Reparto Corse by Maddux DRX4000
    Front tire: Almost new Continental Gatorskin hardshell
    Back tire: Great condition Schwalbe Durano Plus

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  • You're unlikely to get a bank transfer sale on here, buddy. Just joined with no rep... Sorry, dude.

    (also check the rules for classifieds, as I don't think you can ask for bank transfer as only method of payment either)* Edit - this isn't right - rules only state PayPal must have buyer protection.

  • Hey, Thanks for the comment - The bike is for collection only in London so I am not asking for payment in advance.

    I believe that bank transfer is just the safest option vs cash for both the buyer and the seller when you sell something and the buyer comes to collect the item in person.

    As a buyer what would be your concern for a bank transfer payment after we meet F2F and you leave with the bike after the payment? Unless I am missing something, I think cash is much more risky.

    Also, I checked the rules and I couldn't find anything about payment type restrictions - if I missed something, please feel free to point me to the right page with rules on payments.


  • If the seller is unknown to the buyer and doesn't have a track record on the forum then I agree, a bank transfer is unlikely as there is no recourse for the purchase of second hand goods via bank transfer as far as I'm aware. Majority of buyers would feel safer with PayPal payment for goods/services as you can open a dispute if there is an issue with the goods/bike after purchase.

  • Also £550 seems a bit steep imho

  • ^^ this (Elgonzo comment)

    Yes, I was confusing the bank transfer with the PayPal buyer protection bit. But it still stands that just because I meet you F2F, I am not going to assume all is well. Bank transfer only requests on here have been regarded as suspicious, unless the seller has a track record here.

    Edited above because I misquoted rules.

  • Thank you guys for all the comments.

    @ElGonzo - I agree- but this should work both ways in my opinion. I could consider paypal payment if the buyer have a track record on the forum. This to avoid, based on a similar principle, that a buyer with no track record on the forum could get the bike and open a dispute later for no real reasons.

    @Light_EDDed - Thanks, I did some research prior the sale and while it's true that you can find a Nirone for £400 it would have lower specs (SORA groupset, generic stem etc..) and also different colour scheme. Even looking at ebay right now, all the 'buy it now' Nirone 7 are sold between £375 (only one bike at that price and with a very basic colour scheme) up to £725 (with similar specs as mine) so my asking price should really be aligned to the avg.

    Also, a quick note to add that the bike is registered on bikeregister.com site and the ownership will be transferred to the new owner.

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  • LFGSS prices are normally lower than eBay prices as there are no fees or buyer protection (except for PayPal protection). If it were me I'd subtract the ~12% eBay fees and 3% PayPal fees, i.e. £80ish, and probably round down to £450 as an opening price. Then if it doesn't fly out the door I'd end up accepting an offer of £400 and still be pretty happy.

    If you're comparing prices it would be better to look up other road bikes on LFGSS.
    For example, this (albeit steel) Raleigh with with Tiagra 10s sat at £400 for nearly a month without selling:

    Either way GLWS.

  • Thanks @Ndeipi for pointing this out because it's exactly the calculation I have done to come up with the price:

    Currently these are the 'buy it now' for the same model:

    • £500
    • £550
    • £675
    • £695
    • £700
    • £725

    ( I have removed the one for 375 as it is rusty and not comparable with mine and the ones over £750 as I believe they were overpriced).

    Avg. price = £641
    eBay fees = approx £80 (this without taking into consideration that at least once a month ebay send the offer with fee fixed at £1,£3 or 80% off fees)

    Total= £561

    This is not to convince anyone about my asking price but just to show that I have done some research and didn't' just came up with a random number.

    Anyway, I thought I'd post it here first as I really like the forum but not in rush to sell :)

  • I had a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 frame .and made a mistake and sold it .if only yours was a 55 I would have considered it.

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  • Love that top of the bin balance act :)

  • You joker @Foreigner65 how you doing.
    Anyway heres a built up picture. Built up by the new owner Andy.

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  • Currently these are the 'buy it now' for the same model:


    .... But these have not sold at those prices have they?

    I mean no offense, but your bike is simply overpriced, at least for this forum, and is not going to sell. I've sold better bikes for less. Hope that helps

  • Thanks guys, Bike removed.


[No longer FS] Bianchi Via Nirone 7 - complete bike 57cm

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