Which forums have you left, willingly or unwillingly?

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  • For any Irish folks out there, not being banned from boards.ie is sign of deviance

  • They really are such ignorant, ill-educated vermin.

    Ah that would be the eternal foxes/cats/pigeons 'debates' that brings out the full range of 'shoot the evil bastards ' Ted Nugents camp to the often very reasonable but fluffy and inarticulate environmentalists . Loads of 'I'm just expressing my opinion no need to be rude' tedium.
    You can have some fun with it but don't get too smart arsed - tailor your responses to your audience and they may let you stay.
    I thought I'd package a few recurring topics into a foxes discussion - my contribution went like this -

             *I saw one of them foxes looking at my car in a funny way the other day so I reported it to the police but typically they weren't interested.*

    Someone replied that I should be reported for wasting police time.

    Quite childlike really.

  • Never banned I don't think. Got bored of bickering about gear with earnest Americans on the Telecaster Discussion Page after about 1o years. I used to live on the Plan B magazine forum but that shut down when the mag got binned. I used to hang out at Sounds XP as well, but that (and most other music forums) seemed to turn into ghost towns when facebook, twitter and insta took over. Weird if you go back into one now, it's full of Russian bots talking to each other. Yeh, basically been here since 08 m8.

  • Nextdoor

    No-one should sign up for that. It's the anti-social media capture of existing neighbourhood networks usually run by people independently on well-moderated mailing lists.

  • Should the OP title mention forums that you have walked away from a forum that that became too right wing/brexity pre brexit and within 6 months of the brexit vote?

    Or forums that have random shit bag members, that should be removed, for the greater good of the forum after the deceit and lies they spread? Or is the date the person joined more important that deceit and lies about other forum members?

  • All the 'random shit bag members' here have self combusted and all we are left with now are the crème de la crème :)

  • I like the vibe here, but I have noticed that I'm too prickly for it. I need to calm down and stop getting angry. Maybe I've spent too long on forums which have loud arseholes. Maybe I've become one myself. Also fed up with Brixton and the UK. Desperately need to be in Norway or similar.

  • fed up with Brixton

    Tell me about it

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Which forums have you left, willingly or unwillingly?

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