Which forums have you left, willingly or unwillingly?

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  • Are you a troublemaker? Too clever for your own good? Nobody gets your sense of humour? Or American? Confess which forums (or fora if you went to Eton) you have flounced/been banned from.

    I'm on my last warning at fake Rolex forum rwg.bz. And I was banned from another fake Rolex forum, replica-watch.info, for telling a mod to stick his watch collection up his arse. I've flounced from two cycling fora, and been refused registration at paceline.net. I didn't even post there, but they didn't like the look of my username for some reason. And I'm on my fifth username at urban75 after having arguments with people and wanting a fresh start, because stress.

  • I used to get banned from the Ted Nugent “nugeboard” pretty frequently many years ago. He said he would shoot an animal every time I trolled him. I’m not a super animal rights type, but it was one of the main wind up topics. I would post something and he would reply “squirrel” or “elk”, one time he admitted to looking for a bug to squash because he was in a hotel.
    I was eventually banned for my questions about drug use, draft dodging but being really pro Iraq war, and him being a massive playground danger.

  • So this is where the cool kids hang out!

  • Banned by a celebrity! You are a conduit to stardom. Can I touch your bib shorts?

  • been refused registration at paceline.net


  • Very close on Nextdoor a few times if that helps.

  • I was the only European moderator on Niketalk.com the biggest trainer/fashion/streetwear related forum in the world in the early 00’s that spawned just about every streetwear label, designer and terrible rapper you can think of.
    Complex.com still seem to have a mini biog of me as part of a “top 50 most influential NT members ever”

    I walked because my 1980’s b-boy upbringing thought the whole onset of the “collect them all” Pokemon culture of collecting, reselling and never wearing trainers was shit.

  • "Unfortunately your registration at The Paceline Forum did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted."

  • Talkphotography. Been banned at least once. Can’t honestly remember why. Maybe swearing. Probably for calling people out for doing work for free. Probably for telling people their “street photography” is shite.

    Had a few warnings on retrobike for calling out classifieds that have been ridiculously over priced or had other errors. “Off topic” discussion like “that’s not what you’re saying it is” or “you can get that cheaper on wiggle etc” it’s not allowed.

  • I've had temporary bans on Pistonheads, I think I called a guy a cunt for saying that cyclists deserved to be killed on the roads and I can't remember the other one - but would have been similar. Problem with Pistonheads (and, I admit, myself) is that it's an incredibly high density of the most awful people you could ever meet, plus some (usually non-UK) members who are just into cars and not the whole right-wing/golf-club/culture-war that the UK members are.

  • MBUK (pre-bikeradar, bikeradar) got temp bans a-plenty.
    Mostly for circumventing the anti-swears measures.
    From the ashes of MBUK, the bottom dwellers formed UKMB, I was a part of that for most of its existence.

  • i dont waste time on forums

  • Facebook, for not using my real name. Zuckercunt did me a favour. #deletefacebook

  • There’s more coming back…Way back when I was trolling The Nuge, I was also bothering the football hooligan forums run by Paul Dodd. This was where hooligans would arrange fisticuffs at various locations, trips to the seaside etc. Me and a couple of mates would sow disruption and silliness to stop the violence, bait the violent organised criminal organisations, and generally behave like absurd keyboard warriors.

    Simple stuff seemed to really trigger them.
    User Name: Big Frank
    My Sock Puppet usernames: #1Big Frank, Original Big Frank, The Real Big Frank, Gigantic Frank, Even Bigger Frank, Miniscule Frank.
    This in itself would send Big Frank into a rage. The best bit was you could just use another forum goers username and arrange all kinds of fun activities like gloryhole parties or hog fucking…all in their name.

    Threats of ultra violence and “claret everywhere” ensued.

    Security and logins were so basic that banning was nearly impossible and it was administered by a junkie football hooligan, so it ran and ran until the authorities shut it down & the nutters went to MySpace.

  • I was banned from this forum about 7 years ago for no reason other than defending the unjustly oppressed CliveO.
    I only rejoined today to inform you of that.

    (I still look at the forum now and again, not for the nostalgia of the 2007 fixed gear scene but valuable info on which fine surface filler to use and who best to service a Valiant boiler in north London.)

  • Also remember the UKMB exodus. That got weird after a while.

  • Ha !

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  • The legend that is Mrs Myth is alive.

  • Oh hai!

    I've been here so long I can't remember if I've ever been banned or not... Maybe just the once for baiting the forum's resident sexpest? I seriously can't remember...

    I've left a ton of forums, mostly music/guitar flavoured ones...

  • Just been booted off Nextdoor after a few hours of membership. You're supposed to use your real, full name! Fuck that. I annoyed the anti-LTN nutters with some logic, so they reported me. I suppose it's heartening that their tactics are so desperate. The argument is over. They really are such ignorant, ill-educated vermin.

  • Didn’t Richard Sachs (he of building the same bike year after year) invent the internet and bike forums
    ATMO ©️?

  • I got a letter from next door months ago telling me to join, just has a look at it and my god it's dull

  • Got banned from Twitter.
    I let a troll get me worked up.

  • I got banned from Twitter for calling Marjorie Taylor Greene a cunt



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Which forums have you left, willingly or unwillingly?

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