Poo Shovels / Trowels

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  • u don't poo for a week? (new page fail)

  • 2 weeks of gels though... whooosshhhhh

  • Do you need a permit for that?

    "Hello officer, no sir, I didn't knife that driver, this is simply for digging poo holes"

  • Yes but after a year of this kind of behaviour you have enough shitbricks to build your own bothy.

  • Not sure 52 shitbricks will make a usable structure.
    I suppose it’s one way of avoiding getting an septic tank.

  • For car camping or van life I have my Glock:


    It's a bit OTT for poo, and it's £55, but I couldn't help myself. Maybe one day I'll dig a foxhole with it. When the zombies come. I couldn't resist putting an edge on it - flashbacks to All Quiet on the Western Front when soldiers used sharpened shovels in the trenches. As the End Times approach we all need to learn new skills.

  • @hippy might need a sharpened one for his weekly shit bricks.

  • We have one of these, after breaking a coghlan.

  • So a couple of months back I started designing—albeit just in my head—a bikepacking mudguard/shovel thing. It was to be my ticket outta here. Yesterday I learned it already existed. Today I find this LFGSS thread.

    Anyway: this.

  • Genius. Anything dual or triple purpose is what you want for cycle camping. You could use this as a plate, and a wind protector. Quad purpose.

  • I'm drafting the shit-shovel cookbook right now.

  • Poo shovels have a bad name. The whole point is NOT to get the poo on them. They should be rebranded as Clean Shovels.

  • But they're for taking with you when you have to poo. Not when you have to clean.

    Then again you could have a shit shovel (a shovel that doesn't work well) or a shit shovel (a shovel with a roll of dunny paper on it that you dig your shit hole with)

  • Squat in a spot where the sun does shine
    80 paces from water where the crick don't creek
    Dig a hole 15~20cm deep so your logs don't peek
    Far from the trail so the shit won't stink

  • Can we get an update @hippy? You did your trip, right?

  • Yeah, writing the blog (bog) about it now.

    Didn't take a poo shovel, didn't need one.

    There was one point when I had a bit of a dodgy gut but we were close to a town or something so I didn't bother stopping for a drop off.

    The ground was so wet and soft (or it was rocky) so most places would've been fine digging with boot/hands.

    I still want a purple ano poo shovel though..

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Poo Shovels / Trowels

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