• Oh.
    What the title says.

  • For this, if it matters.

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  • Is this sized.
    Probably not going to find.
    Tyres made in Czechoslovakia.
    Is that even a place anymore?

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  • Reading Bicycle Kitchen have sorted me out with odd sized things in the past, give them a try? https://www.readingbicyclekitchen.org/

  • Now, I should have thought of that. Was there today buying a bike.
    I wish I was more organised.
    Will pop over next Thursday if nothing else crops up meanwhile.

  • I might have a 26x wheel but can't remember if it's still in the garage
    The 26x 1 1/4 is 597mm ISO as that was the british sports bike size, check the tyre as it'll be on there I had a raleigh Olympus a few years back and sold if for peanuts to someone on here and that was running 26s.

    I'll have a rummage in the garage tomoz when it's light as there's no leccy in there.
    not close to you but if it's there and actually useable I'd do it for postage

  • Lovely, cheers man.
    Oh, yes, will also check that tyre size (it rings a bell but the wheels are in the shed at the bottom of a very dark garden. So will also need to check tomorrow:)

  • Well, had a look and the only thing I found was three ISO 590 tyres, sorry for getting your hopes up!

  • Lol, but thanks for checking. Going to the Reading Bicycle Kitchen on Saturday, they sounded hopeful.

  • I've got an old set of steel rimmed 26" wheels that fit those specs, with tyres and tubes. In London.

  • Ah, kind offer. Could I hold until the weekend and see if there are any locally?

  • I 've come across this thread by pure chance and I expect you've sorted this out by now, but I can't resist pointing out (again) that almost all 26" wheel frames will take 700's, and these will improve the bike, apart from being more plentiful.

    As for steel rims - they are undesirable at any time but especially in the rain.

  • Actually, that is really helpful and will make my life much, much easier for this (seldom to be used) build. And as I have 700c sets in abundance I’ll grab a set and check that out at the weekend.
    Thanks clubman

  • Oops, apologies, very rude of me to overlook your offer. I will pass for now however.

  • Yes 700c will fit- but bear in mind - in my experience at least- you won’t be able to fit the traditional size 32mm size tyres (1 1/4 inch) and still have room for mudguards.
    Maximum tyre size probably 28mm with space for guards - possibly less depending on frame.

  • Ah good as I have a set of 23’s hanging up in the shed so we should be all good. Apart from having no traction, no mudguards, no (or little) puncture protection lol

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26x1-1/4 wheelset, 120mm rear / 100mm front OLD, cheap, near Reading or Oxford, for a ratty Falcon that needs a new life

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